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applied materials inc (amat.o) - holographic packaging films

by:Cailong     2019-07-07
applied materials inc (amat.o)  -  holographic packaging films
Application materials company(Applied)
Established in March 18, 1987, it provides manufacturing equipment, services and software for semiconductor, display and related industries around the world.
The market segment of the company is semiconductor system;
Global Application Services;
Display and proximity to markets, as well as companies and others.
The semiconductor system part includes semiconductor capital equipment for etching, rapid heat treatment, deposition, chemical mechanical flattening, metrology and inspection, wafer packaging and ion injection.
The global service division of its application provides integrated solutions to optimize equipment and fab performance and productivity, including spare parts, upgrades, services, certain early-made equipment and semiconductor factory automation software, display and solar products.
Display and adjacent markets include products that manufacture liquid crystal displays (LCDs)Organic light
, Upgrade and roll-to-
Roll-net coating systems and other display technologies for televisions, PCs, smartphones and other consumers-
For equipment.
The company and other departments include product revenue, product sales costs for manufacturing solar photovoltaic cells and modules, and certain operating costs.
The focus of the display and adjacent market departments is on the manufacture of television, low temperature polysilicon (LTPS)
Metal oxide and touch screen industry.
The company offers FabVantage 360, which offers differentiated benchmarking solutions to identify opportunities for evaluation tools.
Its polysilicon solar energy (c-Si)
Services provide labor and parts coverage options for corrective and preventive maintenance.
It is a rolling system supplier with more than 700 devices installed around the world.
Its roll-to-roll products serve a range of applications, including metal and oxide barrier films in the packaging industry; color-
Safe and anti-moving and holographic film
Application for counterfeiting; in-
In-situ patterned metal layer for special flexible packaging and multi-flexible packaging
Process, customer
Configurable deposition systems for electronic and technical applications.
The products provided by the company include the manufacturer of the advanced productivity series Selectra Etch system (APF)
Fusion, SmartSched, Xsite, active power filter activity manager, active power filter RTD and reporting staff, iSystem controller, Tomet, TopBeam, etc.
The producer chose an aggressive etching system.
Chemistry-based Selective tuning is provided for the removal of a series of atoms-Horizontal accuracy.
It makes the atom
Level etching control for FinFET and dynamic random-access memory (DRAM)structures.
It provides an automated software that applies smart factories that can sense factory activity, decide and anticipate next steps, and initiate solutions.
The company's product development and manufacturing activities mainly take place in the United States, Europe, Israel and Asia.
Applied's range of equipment and service products are mainly sold through direct sales personnel.
The company is aimed at customers including semiconductor chips, LCD monitors and other electronic equipment manufacturers.
Applied implemented a distributed manufacturing model in which certain manufacturing and supply chain activities were carried out in Germany, Israel, Italy, Singapore, Taiwan and other countries, the United States and other Asian countries.
In addition, it outsourced certain functions such as contract manufacturing, engineering, customer support, software development, information technology support, financial and administrative activities to third parties, including companies in the United States, india, China, South Korea, Malaysia and other countries.
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