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archery target stand and range plans - clear roofing material

by:Cailong     2019-08-12
archery target stand and range plans  -  clear roofing material
Learn to do some great outside fun with an archery goal stand and range.
Use this great mentoring program to add to your backyard as a home improvement program or give extra use to your athlete club.
The purpose of this project is to add more external facilities to the athlete club I belong.
We already have a great fishing pond, gun shooting range and club house.
What we have been lacking is a place to practice archery skills and teach archery skills to young members.
Although I would love to get 100% credits for this project, I can't.
The concept I found in hunting.
Com of user weekend warrior.
The building is briefly described by the weekend warrior, but there are no complete and detailed steps --by-
As you plan here now.
Anyone with basic woodworking skills should be able to do the job in about 2 hours.
I hope others find it helpful to enjoy the great sport of archery and bow hunting. Materials-
The material List image shows a price list comparison between two local DIY stores, giving you an idea of the cost.
The above is a list of materials for the original plan and design provided by Bowhunting.
Com of weekend warriors.
Be sure to read the entire structure to find out some of the additions to the project after completing the list.
The tool uses the saw of your choice to cut 10 feet 4x4 to a length of 5 feet.
You should have 2 feet brackets and 2 vertical brackets now.
For this step you will use 2x4 cut with two lengths of 48 "and two lengths of 41 inch.
A roof frame was built using your screw gun and screws to measure 48 "x44" and your frame should now be 48 "x 44 ".
Let's add a corrugated roof.
Use your last 2x4, cut into two 41 "lengths.
We will use these two 5 feet 4x4 brackets that connect to the bottom of the archery station.
Screw 2x4 onto 4 x 4S.
Next, we will make foot/horizontal support using two other 5 feet 4x4.
For additional strength and support, we recommend fixing the board with toe nail screws.
Determine the spacing of the roof and let the rain and debris roll off the roof.
Screw the roof onto the top 4x4 stand.
Use more roof screws to fix the roof material on the top 4x4 stand.
The target width of the hourly hanging field is 20 inch.
We're almost over.
The design you see here is the original plan.
But after some thought, we found that some shooters might like to practice with a wide head or use a bigger goal for beginners.
So, go ahead and read and see the afterthought shelf we added to the plan. Oh. . .
Pay attention to the bow hook in the upper right corner we laid around the garage.
As mentioned in the last step, some shooters may prefer bigger goals or can accept wide-headed goals.
So we added a shelf that can be used to fix the target after removing the hanging target.
The shelf was built with the following spare wood in my garage attic. Build It! Shelf is done.
We will not be permanently fixed until we reach the range.
Another afterthought is to fix the target bracket on the ground.
Although the unit is quite heavy, it is likely that a good wind storm will blow up under the roof and blow it over.
So let's fix it on the ground.
Let's ship to range and set it up!
This is a rather heavy unit, as mentioned earlier.
It is easy for two people to be loaded into the truck for transportation.
A person can be very awkward and challenging due to weight and body size.
There are random paving workers to make code number marks.
Just wanted to show some final images of the seams in the building.
In these joints, for strength and stability, we recommend the use of additional screw toe nails.
Now go out with your favorite archery gear and start shooting!
This range will be used by experienced and beginner shooters.
Another possible addition to this project is some type of support.
The current back area is a wooded and brutal area.
We can pile up some straw bags or put a horse pad on the back to stop any arrows and bolts that are not good at shooting.
As always, if you feel it's worth voting! Happy Shooting!
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