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are bolle polarized sunglasses worth the price? - polycarbonate lenses

by:Cailong     2019-08-23
are bolle polarized sunglasses worth the price?  -  polycarbonate lenses
When I think of designer sunglasses like Bolle polarized sunglasses, I imagine a young man on the beach with a Hollywood model in a pink swimsuit and a Bolle polarized sunglasses coming together. . .
When I think of designer sunglasses like Bolle, I drew a Hollywood model on the beach wearing a pink swimsuit, young men wearing Bolle polarized sunglasses with waves in the background.
I don't know how low the price of these sunglasses is.
Bolle polarized sunglasses can cost up to $140, or just $25 depending on where you buy them.
As I went through the online catalog, I found a pair of Bolle polarized sunglasses I wanted to buy for my man.
They are polarized sunglasses for Bolle Prospect.
They have precise frame styling and design.
The frame is lightweight nylon.
These lenses also have polarization, which helps to eliminate most of the glare and reflect light.
The lenses are also very light as they are made of premium-
Grade of plastic resin.
The polycarbonate lens on the Bolle polarized sunglasses is 20 times higher than the impact resistance of the glass lens, which increases the safety aspect of the glass lens and is disposable
The third weight.
Everyone is concerned about the protection of UVA and medium-wave ultraviolet rays for eye cancer and light cornea, a painful burn on the surface of the eye that can lead to temporary blindness.
With Bolle polarized sunglasses, you can resist UVA and medium-wave ultraviolet rays by 100%.
They exceed the ANSI requirements for optical clarity and UV protection.
Both sides of the lenses in these stylish Bolle polarized sunglasses are coated with Carbo Blas, an industrial
The strength coating gives them greater scratch resistance.
Not only that, but they also received a counter
Reflective film on both sides to eliminate back glare.
This will help reduce eye fatigue.
The lenses of these Bolle polarized sunglasses are sandstone-colored and appear to have pink color in the photos.
The frames of these Bolle polarized sunglasses will fit comfortably and safely on your face as the spring hinge and the integrated spring hinge apply the correct tension on your temples.
The frame is satin brown.
The position of each nose pad is customized according to the shape of your nose, so that Bolle polarized sunglasses can be safely worn on your head.
The temple tip is a hot grip, which allows them to stay better on your ears.
Depending on where you buy, the prices of these babies are around $152.
If the features of this Bolle polarized sunglasses do not fit your sense of fashion, please check their catalogue.
You can definitely find a pair that suits you!
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