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are sandbags effective? a look at the popular flood-prevention tool - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-05
are sandbags effective? a look at the popular flood-prevention tool  -  black plastic sheeting
Flood residents for centuries
In order to avoid the rising waters, sandbags have already been used in the prone area.
Flood management experts say that while it is easy to understand why sandbags have become the first line of defense, they are not necessarily the best.
Let's take a look at sandbags and their effectiveness: can sandbags work like floods
Prevention tools?
It depends entirely on the type of flood.
Tamin Lyall, chief engineer at Columbia University, UK
Ebbwater Consulting, a flood management company based, said sandbags are very effective without prolonged exposure to water.
Examples she cited include floods or waves that reach only the affected areas at high tide.
But once the sandbags are saturated with water, they lose a lot of value, which makes them relatively ineffective in long-term flooding, such as the current flooding in most parts of eastern Canada, Laer said.
Why is sandbags so popular?
The main benefit of sandbags is their low cost and ease of use, Laer said.
She said that almost anyone could build a temporary flood-control barrier with a shovel and suitable material with little to nothing, adding
Filling sandbags can also be stored at home relatively easily.
According to Saskatchewan's Provincial Water Safety Agency, the best materials include sacks or plastic bags filled with relatively heavy instead of gravel soil.
These factors bring other "intangible benefits" to the popularity of sandbags, Laer said ".
"It makes people feel like they're doing something," Mr Laer said of the barriers to filling and deploying . ".
"It brings the community together.
You feel like you're fighting the flood.
"What are the shortcomings?
In addition to their lack of durability over a longer period of time
In terms of flood conditions, Laer says sandbags can easily leak spring if not assembled or properly deployed.
James Blatter, professor of civil engineering at the University of Manitoba, who studies the effectiveness of sandbags, said that once the flood receded, the disadvantages of sandbags became more obvious.
Bags are usually made from materials that do not resist UV rays, ensuring that they degrade quickly.
Once the sand contaminated by dirty flooding is added to the mixture, Blatter says the result is a single
Use products that quickly enter the landfill.
However, he recognized that these adverse factors would not have much impact on people during the flood crisis.
"When the flood happens, you don't have time to sit and chat with scholars," he said . ".
"You put everything you can do in front of the water and do your best.
"What can make sandbags more effective?
The federal government's guidelines for flood loss reduction contain many tips for effective sandbag deployment.
It recommends digging a trench to support the sandbag embankment and covering the sandbag embankment with some form of plastic cloth to further limit the permeability of the sandbag embankment.
The water Security Bureau and other municipal sites in Saskatchewan province urge users not to fill homemade sandbags outside the halfway point and ensure they overlap with each other when the dam is built.
Blatter endorsed the proposal and stressed the importance of tamping bags with feet to further compaction the sand inside.
Is there a better alternative to sandbags?
Yes, there are a few, although they cannot be deployed at the same low cost as sandbags.
A more and more popular option is a large rubber tube known as aquadam, which is full of floods and creates obstacles in the process, Laer said.
Another option that is becoming more and more popular in Europe, she said, is a set of interlocking blocks that can be stored in non-storage areas
Season and Assembly between pillars installed outside the house.
Both of these tools are superior to sandbags, and they also have the advantage of being reusable, Laer said.
But a key part of flood control, she said, is that government and municipal planners are more proactive in ensuring that the community is ready to respond if the flood rises.
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