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are your contributions not seen or recognised? - characteristics of polyester

by:Cailong     2019-08-16
are your contributions not seen or recognised?  -  characteristics of polyester
Some were promoted and some complained that despite their hard work, they were not noticed and the honor of the job was stolen by a show --off colleague.
The season of appraisal is here.
Whether it's a start
With five employees or large organizations, everyone likes to talk about measuring teams based on the capabilities they have and the goals they achieve.
To put it simply, competence is the ability to achieve the goals required by the organization.
Some were promoted and some complained that although they were working hard throughout the year, they were not noticed and they said the honor of the job was stolen by a showoff colleague.
It's a general feeling that while you're at work and staying up late, others seem to move faster in your career.
This includes talking about your good friends, your spouse.
This also includes team members who act as organizational faces and give speeches at each meeting.
In many cases, the problem is that your contribution is not seen and recognized.
Why is this happening? Most people are not good at assessing their abilities at all.
In an organizational environment, it is called "capability", a key feature that is ahead of the competition.
So how to demonstrate that you are capable and also at the highest level expected, direct science refers to a unique study of social psychology by psychologists Barry Schlenk and Mark Leary.
They chose 60 fictional people.
They then chose 48 real people who were told about the 60 and should rate them based on the person's actual ability and their confidence.
And the other features of these 60 imaginary people facing a tennis tournament or final exam, self.
Confidence and meeting challenges should be key highlights.
Now Barry and Leary have 48 people rate the ability of these 60 people.
Those who rate their abilities get two key messages: they understand what these imaginary people predict about their performance.
Predictions are different from very bad to very good.
These 48 people also learned about people's "actual" performance.
After that, they have to rate the abilities of every imaginary person.
Despite the excellent performance, most of the imaginary people rank very low in confidence.
Confidence is the key to our success.
So let's take a look at how confidence can be used as a tool for growth and success.
You can't pretend to be confident.
Please forget this no matter where you read it.
Whenever you face a challenge, tell yourself: "I will seize the opportunity.
How do I know if I don't know "you may fail, but there is a high probability that you won't fail.
Most people think they are less capable than they are.
Start as a confident
Getter is a real asset.
The dent in the process is to compare yourself with others and show yourself in the spotlight.
It is only an advantage if your confidence does not discredit others.
No one likes arrogant people.
People who pit everyone on themselves.
In my sales training, I always train participants not to talk about competition.
By comparing yourself with others, the focus is shifted to the wrong subject.
Highlighting yourself has nothing to do with slandering others.
Steven Ussery, Cisco's consultant, said, "In my opinion, confidence is actually indirectly derived from ability.
All the most self
The confident people I know, no matter what they do, are quite capable.
I think in the last 65 years I have observed this effect in almost all aspects of my life, which is not accidental.
I suspect that these two things are implicitly linked.
So it's a fact that if you just pretend, then it won't last.
Combine it with true ability and show it confidently is your ultimate way.
Every year, researchers around the world publish a large number of papers on how to be confident and show your abilities.
An easy way is to list what you are good.
Appreciate the distance you walk through your life. Rise and shine.
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