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armored vehicles for the public - flexible polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
armored vehicles for the public  -  flexible polycarbonate sheet
The world in which we live forever before the witness of violence and suffering is growing every moment and sometimes pumping water regularly.
The elite and state officials are not safe, and terrorist attacks can also attract interest in public places.
Security is an important issue in today's world and we must accept the fact that we live in an environment of great instability and uncertainty.
That is, entrepreneurs are rich and poor, only civil servants and elites of government. when the road is dangerous, their lives will be threatened.
In such an environment, at least the use of armored vehicles and tanks to take to the streets is the safety and control necessary to ease the pressure chaos.
Market access is guaranteed, as are armored vehicles for different purposes.
Banks usually use armored transport systems to ship large amounts of money and daily use.
It is very clear that the army and police still need tanks, army personnel carriers, tanks, riot vehicles, tanks, armored vehicles, examples, etc.
Because these vehicles are involved in gun trading for customers, it can prevent pirates from acting as asylum.
Bank trucks are the most common manifestation of armored vehicles on the road, saying that they urgently need banks and of course give bankers and people responsible for transferring money from place to place a sense of relief, this is not unreasonable.
The necessary armored civilian sector, where monsters and protesters gather to fight the dangers of disaster or politics.
You can use vehicles specially designed for anti-demonstrators to disperse protesters and demonstrators.
Riot, is this an effective way?
We can see that when people are elite groups of people moving on the road, guarded by many guards, and many vehicles traveling with bullets as weapons --
This is proof of staying healthy and energetic, as well as proof of the next trip.
They are always at risk of accidents and unknown threats, and they never know what the next victim of the attack is.
There are very few companies for safe transportation, and the state has the right to provide armored vehicles, cars, etc.
These companies ensure the safety of their employees.
Armored vehicles and armored vehicles, truck banks, riot address protection, etc. are all built with special materials that have been tested and certified by public authorities and organizations and need to be verified.
The shell is made of a transparent polycarbonate material layer made of two layers of glass.
This process is called value to make the glass thicker.
Bulletproof glass manufacturers reinforce the glass by introducing polycarbonate layers.
It is a bit hard, transparent plastic that strengthens the connection between the two pieces of glass.
When the bullet hits an armed soldier who can penetrate the polycarbonate.
The bullet passed through the first layer of glass but was blocked by polycarbonate.
This can prevent the top glass from breaking and hurting people.
The energy of the bullet was absorbed by the bulletproof glass of the Army.
There is also a shield glass front.
This crystal ball armor gives revenge to those sitting there.
In order to cope with the ball of bulletproof glass, the flexible sheet is laminated into a brittle sheet.
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