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art in review - clear mylar adhesive tape

by:Cailong     2019-07-27
art in review  -  clear mylar adhesive tape
1996 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it starts online in 1996.
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Oliver Helin of the project and Leon Nelson Museum of Modern Art-
A living one, a dead one-
The people who share the modern lobby project space are very matched.
In the case of both, the work is the process
Its material is unorthodox with the theme of loss.
Oliver Helin, 32, is a painter who began creating sculptures in 1991.
All the work here (
In an exhibition at the SoHo Max protegallery Gallery, watch from tomorrow)
It is part of a project called "Flower of Ethyl Eichelberger", which aims to commemorate the playwright and drag actor who committed suicide with AIDS in 1990. Mr.
Herring's medium is adhesive tape, reflective Mella, and notes from which he weaves wall-hung, laundry, and recently a full figure.
For example, in the raft, the ghost form of the three tapes
Knitted coat under a half circle
The opaque carpet is like a fish swimming under the ice.
The bitterness of advertising coats is that although they are carefully made, they do not have the wearer.
The new statue operates on a less subtle plane.
A hanging in space like being hanged;
With a big needle in his other hand, his knee was hurt.
Both ways reflect the best plot drama the artist can avoid.
Nevertheless, they are part of the mobile work.
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Leon Nielsen, a professional name, was born in Brazil in 1957 and died of AIDS in 1993. Like Mr.
Herring, a painter, but as his health began to decline, he turned to a less laborious, intimate medium of sewing and embroidery in his body.
In most cases, he will stitch redundant pictographic images on unstretched voile, or sew phrases with discovery poetry rings in Portuguese and English.
He mentions Penelope's gay image in two works, and as she waits for her long return, she constantly weaves and unwraps her tapestries
The absent husband captured the repressed impatience and longing in the artist's work.
Leonilson and Mr.
Herring is one of the more and more male artists who are directly rooted in early feminist art with democracy, Labor
It assumes that politics and individuals are combined.
In this strong combination, another factor has been added over the past decade: the steady impact of mortality.
No wonder in the works of so many young artists-
Two of them. -
Material fragility has become the standard of emotional ambition.
The Dutch Kotala version of this review was printed on page C00024 of the National edition on February 16, 1996, with the title: Art in the review.
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