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art in review; louise lawler - metalized plastic

by:Cailong     2019-07-14
art in review; louise lawler  -  metalized plastic
By Roberta SMITHMARCH month, day 2000 Tiexi 24 Pictures519 streetchelseatrough March 11 Louis Lawler continues to explore the art of the dark heart
The world is lively with her usual grace and fun.
Her seventh solo show at Metro starts with the latest photos that may be called her artin-
Captive series
Elaborate sculptures by Robert Gober-
Baby crib and a bag of cat litter--
Sold at auction house.
They show neatness (
They are closely related to the works of Charles Lei and Cindy Sherman)
A good contrast to the infant confusion and emotion and discipline in the meaning of the sculpture. After art-as-Money comes from artas-fun.
The work recalled in a large gallery lacks objectivity and salesability, most of it is known from the photos, but it is still an art icon: "Silver Cloud" by Andy Warhol ",
He first drifted in 1966 at the Leo Castelli Gallery, filling pillows made of metal plastic film.
Since then, the work has been re-created several times, most recently at the Amarillo Teras Gallery in Chelsea in 1997.
For her comeback.
Lawler produced a photo of the Amerio Thalas version, blew up the image of a single pillow, and hung 12 pillows on the ceiling at different heights and angles, using wo
This one is a bit-liner, as Ms.
Lawler's work may sometimes be like this, but this is the first time that her art has set out from the perspective of space and experience, and this departure is both interesting and unexpected.
This is not the least important for the artist himself, who named the work "something about time and space, but I'm not sure what it is.
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A version of this review was printed on page E00053 of the National edition on March 3, 2000 with the title: Art in the review; Louise Lawler.
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