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artificial satellites - reflective polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-04
artificial satellites  -  reflective polyester film
Why was the satellite wrapped in golden paper a few days before launch?
Chitradurgasellite Ranjitha in orbit is exposed to various types of space opponents who must be protected.
The gold paper or foil we usually see is actually a multi-layer insulating material called MLI.
It consists of a light reflective film assembled by many films.
These layers are usually made of pi and/or polyester film (
According to the design, it can be from 5 layers to 30 layers)
It is the vapor deposited by 99.
99 Cents of aluminum on one or both sides.
Ideally, the satellite is designed to be in-
23 degrees Celsius to 40 degrees Celsius.
Today's spacecraft can see many temperature fluctuations, which can be seen from-
According to the orbit of the spacecraft, 100 degrees Celsius to 150 degrees Celsius.
This can be a low Earth orbit (LEO)
Earth synchronous orbit (GEO)
Synchronous orbit or interstellar orbit
Basically, MLI is a thermal insulation material with the main purpose of reducing the loss of radiation heat.
In its basic form, it cannot be clearly insulated from other heat losses such as heat conduction or convection.
Therefore, it is usually used for other applications in satellites and vacuum where conduction and convection are less important and radiation dominates.
MLI provides the appearance of being covered with gold foil for many satellites and other space detectors.
MLI also provides protection against fine space dust, for which the foil is kept a little distance from the parts that need protection.
S. P. S Jain of Noida;
P. K. Jain, deputy director of satellite communications at Bengaluru ISRO.
The question this week is, unlike boiled milk, why is fresh milk prone to deterioration?
Prest wencatcharam of Mayu, Tamil Nadu.
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