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as firms shy away, corporation may build toilets | chennai news - times of india - polycarbonate sheet price

by:Cailong     2019-08-02
as firms shy away, corporation may build toilets | chennai news - times of india  -  polycarbonate sheet price
Chennai: The municipality failed to attract any contract to build a public toilet a few months ago, but it is likely to get its hands dirty.
Chennai will hold another tender before undertaking the construction of 2,000 public toilets.
We plan the last floating tender to revise the design to see if there is a response.
A senior official said the company would take on the job without a buyer.
The tender for the project has been conducted three times since last July, but most companies believe that the conditions for civic groups are too strict.
Due to the lack of toilet facilities in the city, commuters were forced to relax in the open air.
Officials at the company said they were considering the use of stainless steel public toilets.
We expect to phase out existing bricks. and-
Mortar toilets and trendy toilets were set up, the official said.
Civic institutions decided earlier to set up a pre-
Manufacture of polyethylene or polycarbonate plates in construction-operate-transfer basis.
Many residents are worried about the maintenance of public toilets.
It's easy to build toilets, but pay attention to maintenance.
If the person who does not take care of the toilet, then the situation will deteriorate.
Ramesh Krishnan, a resident of Tondiarpet, said that because there is no plan to impose a usage fee for these toilets, it is possible to get dirty.
Sulabh International, a non-governmental organization, maintained 450 public toilets with the company until 2007.
Women's rights activists noted that women suffered the most in the absence of clean and hygienic toilets.
This is always a tough time for female commuters.
An activist said they had to walk in a mall or restaurant to use the toilet.
Health experts say there is an urgent need for more public toilets due to the increase in the number of people with diabetes.
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