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as south africa marks mine shootings, workers without homes - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-04
as south africa marks mine shootings, workers without homes  -  black plastic sheeting
MARIKANA, South African miner Mziseni Zotyatha lives in a neat and tidy
The metal shed in the room, covered with plastic cloth, was laid on his bed in case of rain.
He had to go somewhere else for tap water and toilet.
"I can't come here with my wife and children and expect them to live with me like this," said Zotyatha, 34 . ", The father of the three children works at the Marikana platinum mine owned by Lonmin in the UK. "I work hard.
I should stay in a better place.
"Four years ago, South African police shot and killed 34 striking maricana miners who were furious about poor wages and living conditions, but Amnesty International, which failed to provide thousands of workers with what it promised, said in a report released on Monday.
Amnesty International says only three houses have been built in Lonmin.
Lonmin confirmed on August that about 13,500 employees "still need formal accommodation ".
1 letter to the rights group.
Dirty housing settlements without sewer systems or other basic services are a problem for South African mine workers whose economy is based on the mining industry and its black (usually immigrant) labor force.
This harsh living condition remains the scene of the country's deadliest strike in decades, highlighting that the situation has barely improved since the end of the apartheid system-the system of racial discrimination-1994.
Lonmin violated the legal agreement with the South African government to improve mine housing, and the Amnesty report said it asked the government why it had not enforced the agreement or revoked Lonmin's mining license.
"The challenge is huge," Lonmin spokesman Sue Vey said in an email to The Associated Press . ".
"This is not a task that any mining company can successfully complete on its own.
"A small white cross on Rocky Mountain marks the site where the maricana miners who went on strike on August were killed. 16, 2012.
At a dusty bus stop nearby, campaign posters for the recent municipal elections began to fade.
A promise is "spacious home ".
Miners walk daily between the white gold mine and their small house made of corrugated metal.
For decades, workers used to live in crowded
Leading to some of the most determined sex hostels against apartheid.
According to Amnesty International, Longmin has placed about 3,000 workers in refurbished hotels.
But thousands of workers still don't have enough housing.
Some Marikana workers are tired of waiting for a new home and building their own. The two-
The room metal cabin in the 44-year-old ntuzelo Vukani was nailed to the rusty cap. The roof leaks.
There is an outdoor faucet, a toilet and electricity that is temporarily connected.
Five people live there.
Hundreds of families in the community are connected by dirt roads and have similar shapes.
"We were promised to go home, but things are still the same," Vukani said in his native language, Xhosa . ".
He said he had come to maricana to get rid of poverty but had failed.
He wants a brick house with indoor toilets and electricity so he can live a "soft" life. A government-
The designated commission of inquiry investigating the shooting in Marikana found that Lonmin did not address the housing shortage and caused labor riots.
Amnesty International says the problem is still serious.
The company said that Long Min had promised to build 5,500 houses for workers in 2006, but had never built them and had only built three.
The South African mineral resources department, which oversees these agreements, did not respond to requests for comment on Amnesty International's findings.
"The catastrophic events of August 2012 should be a decisive wake-up call --
Deprose Muchena, regional director for southern Africa of Amnesty International, said: "call on Lonmin to have to address these shocking living conditions . ".
"The company's failure to improve the housing of its employees is confusing and irresponsible in extreme cases.
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