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ASDA to ditch 5p carrier bags by the end of 2018 - plastic film packaging

by:Cailong     2019-07-09
ASDA to ditch 5p carrier bags by the end of 2018  -  plastic film packaging
After Tesco abandoned single
With shopping bags, it's only a matter of time before their high street rival ASDA follows suit.
Now, supermarket giant ASDA has announced that it will not store 5 p plastic tote bags by the end of 2018.
However, this is not the only item it scrapped to reduce waste.
Retailers will also ban singles
Use plastic cutlery and coffee cups to replace these items with reusable alternatives.
ASDA chief executive Roger Burnley told the: "If we can remove the avoidable plastic from our products faster and harder, we will.
"Our logic is to do what we can to remove the plastic where needed to make it as recyclable as possible.
"We will also switch 2.
Our cafe has 4 million plastic straws for paper making every year.
By changing our color beverage bottles to clear plastic, 500 tons of plastic will be recycled.
"We will eliminate single
By the end of this year, full use of coffee cups and plastic cutlery from our home office.
"In addition, we will launch a 'zero profit' reusable coffee cup to help customers reduce their dependence on disposable cups, while we will take these cups from the store by the end of 2019
"It will take about 1,000 years for plastic handbags and similar disposable items to break down --
If burning, release harmful gases to the atmosphere.
In addition to discarded plastic bags, ASDA also promised to reduce the amount of plastic used by itself.
Brand packs will grow by 10 per cent in the next 12 months.
ASDA will also create the "ASDA plastic creative center" where any ideas that will help ASDA cope with its major plastic challenges, such as finding alternatives to plastic film, will receive £ 10,000
The company will also work with leading experts in packaging technology at the retail research institute of the University of Leeds Beckett to develop new alternatives to plastics.
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