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asian demand for plastic to defy china economic slowdown - plastic film packaging

by:Cailong     2019-07-09
asian demand for plastic to defy china economic slowdown  -  plastic film packaging
SINGAPORE (Reuters)-
Asia's demand for plastics will run counter to the economic slowdown in China and other countries, and as oil prices plummet, production costs were lower and production was just as fast, plastic demand will grow
The expanding online market has boosted demand for goods such as packaging and packaging.
Price of polyethylene in China (PE)
The most commonly used plastics, from shopping bags to ice cream barrels, and even artificial joints, according to Wood Mackenzie, a commodity research firm, the company has plunged from a quarter a year ago to an average of $1,140 a tonne last month.
Next is nearly 50-
The market for naphtha, the raw material extracted from crude oil, fell by a few percent.
While consumers may avoid big companies
Analysts and industry officials say they are still buying cheaper items that are usually packaged in plastic, especially when ordered online.
The appetite of one country continues to grow.
3 billion people are a blow to green organizations, who are demanding a reduction in plastic consumption, which could dwarf many of the potential environmental benefits that the British government has recently brought about by measures such as restricting the use of disposable plastic bags.
But for major PE exporters such as South Korea, Taiwan and Japan, this may be good news and may support companies such as Hanwha Chemical, Formosa Petrochemical, Japan polyethylene and Japan's major polymers“(Plastic)
The movie seems to have gained a boost from the e-commerce explosion.
Business in China-what we call the Alibaba effect ".
All of this must be packed, "said Vince Sinclair, head of Asian chemical research at Wood McKenzie.
He is referring to the largest electronic product in China.
Alibaba Group Holding Co. , Ltd. is a commercial company, which has always been the core of rapid development.
The world's number one online market is growing. 2 economy.
"Overall, sentiment in China's commodity market is rather negative, but PE rarely performs so well.
IHS Chemical, a department of research firm IHS Inc. , believes that China's PE imports in 2016 rose from the current year and the estimated 11 million tons on the 9 th to more than 10 million tons.
5 million tons in 2014.
Although China's economic growth has slowed from a staggering double.
Over the past few decades, China's economy has grown at double digits as the government tries to change its growth model and get rid of its dependence on a large number of manufacturing and exports.
"So far, China's demandthis year)
The fall in prices prompted buyers to replenish polyethylene stocks, which is good.
First of all, the inventory of these buyers is already low, "said an official from a North Asian plastic manufacturer exporting to China.
Frost & Sullivan, a consulting firm, said China accounts for more than 45% of Asia's resin PE consumption.
For some green organizations, the growth of plastic consumption is a big problem. They say that materials are often disposed of improperly and pollute the environment.
"Poor management of plastic waste is an unexpected result of rapid economic development.
As income grows, people are increasingly dependent on consumer goods.
As a result, more plastic waste has been produced, "said American director Nicholas Mallors. S. -
It is headquartered in the environmental organization of the Marine Protection Association.
"In many countries, including many parts of China, waste collection and management do not meet the needs of the country, and therefore, more plastic waste enters the environment.
"Overall, the growth of sports consumption in Northeast Asia in 2016 is expected to reach around 6%, similar to the average annual growth rate from 2010 to 2015, but the economic growth rate in Southeast Asia may exceed 5% next year, from 2010 to 2015, Southeast Asia's economic growth averaged less than 5%. Said Japan does not have the chemicals of the Asian IHS of Polyolefine.
"The reduction in crude oil prices means a reduction in the cost of plastic raw materials," he said . "
"The lower plastic price not only encourages consumption, but also creates the possibility for other products that use metal/glass/paper to turn to plastic.
He added that such switches take time and a lot of R & D investment, but he said he knows that a company is considering replacing the glass containers of their products with plastic bottles.
Analysts said India's interest in plastic pipes for water conservancy projects, and the country's increased consumption of fast and low-cost products such as processed food, will also stimulate growth and soft drinks.
Nikhil Vallabhan, consultant at Frost & Sullivan Asia Pacific, said India's spending on these products is sometimes called fast-
The annual compound growth rate of mobile consumer goods will exceed 11%, while the compound growth rate in 2015 will exceed US $12 billion.
"China still accounts for a large share of consumption.
However, this is not the fastest growing market, "says Sinclair of Wood Mackenzie.
"It has been surpassed by India --
Of course, India has a small base of demand.
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