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astrohome - polycarbonate wall panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-24
astrohome  -  polycarbonate wall panels
Very few architects today have the skills of Ben van Becker.
Working with his partner, Caroline boss. year-
Old Amsterdam natives have become one of the few designers, and their approach is driven by a fascination with new computers --
Technology of the times, a little prophecy.
So far, he is closest to realizing the dream of a truly resilient world in which the boundaries between work and entertainment, private and public life are almost gone.
But in his first project in Amsterdam, Villa NM
The United States-based UNStudio company has been completed, and van Berkel combines this intellectual rigor with new things: the fusion of drama and pornography, from the tone of the Qing Dynasty, which has infected the contemporary elegant cultural world, it has received gratifying relief.
Weekend villas designed for Russian customers, located in Sullivan County, NY. Y.
Villa NM is reminiscent of an image tornado: Paintings from Hudson River School, fancy Las Vegas casino, kitsch in his 70 s and Russian fairy tales.
Somehow van Berkel managed to blend these images into a coherent architectural vision that allows the brain to drift in different worlds without becoming unstable.
As a result, if still needed, confirm that Van Becker is an architect who is now at a creative pace.
The customer helped.
Leo Zimmer is a short, strong man with sharp eyes, his mayor in the Soviet Union (
Now Fort Yekaterinburg)
A grim industrial wasteland at the bottom of the Urals.
He reminded me of the maverick spirit that once defined the west of the United States: A healthy willingness to take risks, and a contempt for the values of stubborn old world institutions.
Before the collapse of the Soviet Union, Tsimmer moved to Moscow, where he quickly joined a new aggressive capitalist and then reshaped Russia.
He organized the first Carnival in Moscow and even opened an American chain.
Eventually, he went to the United States, where he expanded his business empire by exporting frozen chicken and other goods to Russia, when the Soviet economy was in a free fall, grocery stores in the Russian capital are often empty.
The ad "I'm a hard-
Tsimmer stands in front of his new house in dark floral shirts, jeans and flip coversflops.
"But I still believe that socialism is a utopia.
I just don't know who can get us there.
Like any New Yorker moving up, Tsimmer soon began thinking about building a country house for himself;
His wife, Li anglika
And their two children. He found a 13-
An acre of land in a quiet corner of Sullivan County
Driving an hour to the northwest of the city, a few months later, he discovered Van Becker's Mobius residential model in the contemporary residential design exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art.
"I didn't know much about contemporary architecture at the time, but I liked the house," Tsimmer said, recalling the situation at the time.
"I called the architect's office in Amsterdam and asked for a meeting.
I gave him a check a month later.
For him, Van Becker still seems a bit shocked to describe the rudeness of the encounter.
"We met at a hotel bar and we started playing Russian sausage," he told me recently while drinking in Amsterdam . ".
"He gave me a check on the spot.
He's an unusual customer.
He is not afraid of experiments. Super-open-minded.
"In fact, you can imagine houses in rural Russia with a little imagination.
To get to it, you drive through rolling hills that stretch for miles and occasionally have old barn and cheap barn --
Story House in vinyl siding.
In the end, you walk down a bumpy dirt road, winding to the top of the mountain surrounded by pine and birch trees, and you can see the rolling mountains.
Villa NM sits on top of the landscape, resting on a damp lawn and a cobra is preparing to attack.
Sealed in a tight skin made of dirtcolored spray-
On concrete and mirror glass, its rectangular shape is twisted at the midpoint and then raised up at one end to form a canopy in a small garage.
The shape is twisted again as you go around the back, this time to track the slope of a hill.
A range of decks walk down the pool, and the smooth marble surface is a cunning tribute to the famous seaplane of the Barcelona Pavilion in missh van droot.
Advertising these distorted meanings can only be clear from the inside.
An informal entrance leads from the garage to the kitchen, and the back wall of the kitchen is made of a polycarbonate panel embedded in a pastel color L. E. D. lights.
From here, the room turned into a funnel.
Like a violent winding passage connecting both ends of the House: The floor twists and turns into a wall;
There is a wall on the ceiling.
The wide steps go down through the space from the living area above.
This is the connected organization of the house, and its flexible form is reminiscent of a variety of metaphors: the muscle structure of an alien creature, a toffee, and a birth path.
But why speak?
This is one of the most gorgeous private stairs in America.
When you reach the top of the mountain and enter the living room, you can see panoramic views of the mountains through bronze colored glass.
Then the sequence switches back and the second set of stairs leads to the bedroom, a decadent marble --clad bathroom.
The most striking thing inside, however, is their variability.
The room appears and then disappears from the view.
Stretch and shrink space.
The elegant flow through the center of the house contrasts with the quiet corners at both ends.
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For some, this may be a terrible statement about our current era, where the boundaries between private and public life are becoming less and less meaningful.
But this is also an attack on one of the core principles of early Modernism:
It looks so naive now.
The transparency and light of a healthier, morally pure society.
As Van Becker said: "You will never hide yourself in these places --
For example, at the Farnsworth house in Mies.
This is a mistake of modernism.
People also need places to hide from each other.
You need everything.
"Some interesting contacts highlight doubts about the tendency of modernist dogmas.
The fireplace in the living room, dressed in brass, reminds me of the delicate 70 s that sway;
Speakers are set up in the pool so you can listen to disco while playing underwater. (
Tsimmer claimed that the last detail was inspired by the memory of watching synchronized swimmers perform on Soviet television as a child. )
The most important thing is to play a reflective and transparent role in the window, the window is made of the same bronze
Colored glass used in the old Las Vegas casino.
On a bright afternoon, standing in the living room, the glass gives a brilliant bronze glow to the surrounding landscape.
But when the sun sets, the glass becomes a mirror.
The scenery slowly receded from the view and you will see yourself reflected in the glittering bronze.
At the same time, you suddenly realize that people can look in from the outside and give the house a feeling of peeping.
This improvement proves the maturity of Van Becker.
He started his architectural career in the middle.
1980 working for Zaha Hadid, known for her vibrant official language at the time, followed by a short time at the office in Santiago Calatrava, a San Diego Calatrava
These seemingly contradictory experiences clearly helped him well: his own architectural voice not only demonstrated the will to explore the realm of unknown concepts, but also demonstrated a deep understanding of the way things are combined, even among his most talented peers, give his work a rare substance.
His first important citizen project was a bridge completed in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in 1996, reminiscent of the early work of caratrava.
The contrast between its towering crossarms
The shape of the dock and the brightness of the roadway create subtle tension.
It is this structural boldness that makes fans of Calatrava gushing.
Advertising, but as Calatrava continues to become more and more gorgeous, even self-
The design of his students became more rigorous and precise.
In 1998, van Berkel, with the completion of the 1998 mobilus House, attracted the attention of many people in the construction industry. the flat concrete and glass interior of the mobilus House is a complex number 8.
This house in Holland Het Gooi has some exaggerated details and the typical young building talent is full of ideas --
Each armrest seems to have been designed as a major architectural statement.
But it also expresses a subtle thought.
Inspired by the music of modern composers scho Berg and Boulez, Van Berkel found that by using a limited palette of three angles
4 degrees, 7 degrees and 11 degrees
Nevertheless, he can still produce a very complex component that remains basic and clear.
"This is a way to create a more disciplined model," he said . ".
"I think it also gives peace of mind that you may not have noticed in the beginning of this project.
"This combination of rigor and social mission: to build a more resilient relationship between private and public spaces.
For example, the owner's respective workspace anchors both ends of the house, while the living areas are located at points where the various paths through the House intersect, so that they are constantly drifting back and forth between the two.
When Mercedes is finished-
At the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart, Germany, early last year, Van Burkel was a more confident genius.
The museum is considered a finely processed machine, a bold makeover of the circular hall of the Frank Lloyd Wright Guggenheim Museum.
Complex, interlocking spiral
A ramp system that extends down through galleries with stylish cars --
Like his early works, he has the same attention to complex geometry, but the level of sophistication is amazing.
Unfortunately, Van Becker has not had much success in the United States.
In 1999, he took part in a competition sponsored by the Canadian Architecture Centre, proposing the development of a vast site extending west from Madison Square Garden to the Hudson River, but nothing happened.
A year later, he was awarded the design committee of the main exhibits of the HARTFORD Wadsworth esenham Museum of Art.
The design uses a clever interwoven ramp system that connects several existing 19 s.
Century buildings around the central court.
But the board and directors of the museum changed and it died.
The NM Villa is a taste of what we missed.
It seems easy for Van Becker to handle such a complex formal language, which makes you eager to see future discoveries.
In the end, however, the most delicious feature of the House may be that it jokes at our cultural disguise.
In such a society, in a rampant society, people are painfully avoiding risks.
In particular, the risk of being labeled as a high car
The house is a monument to what happens when you put down your depression.
This proves that slickness in the computer age does not have to let us enter a world full of sensory charm.
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