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atm racket unearthed; four members of gang arrested - plastic panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-05
atm racket unearthed; four members of gang arrested  -  plastic panels
Police said Saturday that four people were arrested on suspicion of involvement in ATM fraud across the capital.
At least 88 victims turned to police in Tilak Nagar, west of Delhi.
Deputy Chief of Police (West)
Monika Bhardwaj said that the defendant was determined to be the main person (38), Siddharth (30), Sunil Kumar (36)
And Mayank Shukla (27).
After several complaints, according to section 420th (cheating)
The IPC was registered at the Tilak Nagar police station and a network team was set up, police said.
A preliminary investigation found that the victim was nearly 19 years old.
During the investigation, CCTV footage of the ATM was checked.
"The crime seems to be a staff member with a criminal record," she said.
Bhardwaj said that information about criminals with similar records was then collected.
With the help of technical surveillance, archival analysis and human intelligence, the four defendants were identified and arrested, police said.
They claimed that many items had been recovered from the accused.
"About 300 white plastic cards for cloning and manufacturing new ATM cards, 85 old cards, 30 debit cards, 50 data lines, and 4 plastic plates with batteries, 30 small batteries used by chips and cameras, card readers, 4 wired card readers, handguns, cars, laptops, mobile phones have been taken back from them. "Bhardwaj said.
During the interrogation, the accused allegedly told the police that they had blocked the area and targeted the ATM without security guards.
Mayank will enter the ATM and spray a chemical on a CCTV camera.
"Damod will use panels to install the skimming machine, including memory cards, batteries and CCTV on the machine," the official said . ". Ms.
Bhardwaj said that after installing the skimming machine, whenever a person withdraws money, his ATM card data is copied to the machine and the password is captured by the CCTV camera.
The defendant then used the machine to make a clone card and use it to withdraw money, police said.
"The defendants stated that they had tampered with the machines in Dwarka, Mahipalpur, regional center, Vikaspuri and Palam.
"Efforts are being made to track down the complainants in these areas," said Bhardwaj MS . " He added that the associates of the accused had also been identified and that the teams were working to capture them.
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