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‘atmospheric’ decor brings home a sense of retreat - clear polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
‘atmospheric’ decor brings home a sense of retreat  -  clear polycarbonate
The "atmosphere" decoration is characterized by soft texture, transparency, rainbow color, opacity
Even all of this.
It can create a quiet and relaxed mood.
Some designers say it is now popular because it is the antidote to the increasingly harsh and accelerating disease --up world.
"We are looking for balance and understanding and we want to unlock our minds," said design consultant Laura Guido . "
Clark, Berkeley, California
Although the atmosphere decoration is quiet, it has "inherent energy", she said ".
This spring, many of these elements appear on the runways of Monique Lhuillier and Chanel, and on the furniture, they contrast with another self of the season, A vigorous, cluttered trunk of hot tones and wild colors.
The colors in the atmosphere are often light and pureas Guido-
Clark noted that "it is covered like fog or air.
However, there may be elements of strength and purity.
We see a lot of dreamy shades.
Soft White, blush, Silver
But the color is heavy.
Graphite, charcoal.
The textures include voile, filet, slu hair, Crystal, hammered metal, blown glass, ceramics, and even translucent concrete.
The top ceramic studio Mud Australia has created exquisite curved containers and plates in soft, light brown tones with the names "ocean", "milk", "powder" and "dust ".
Japanese designer Yoshioka Jiujin makes concept furniture with interesting materials.
He designed a thick and transparent polycarbonate furniture called "invisible things" for Kartell.
The paper cloud for Moroso is a white fluffy sofa.
Gigaon described his interest in light and wind, saying, "I am very fascinated by the elements that inspire and inspire imagination.
Italian designer Diego Grandi, along with Manola Posey, created the stunning elegant gold --
"I call myself a slow addict '.
I listened happily to silence.
Dream wallpaper of Trove (www. troveline. com)
Including Ciel with cloud theme;
Marine algae;
Both Nekkar and Askella have feather petals.
Design is within reach (www. dwr. com)Find a & Company
This is a table of 47 tables, a large piece of wood with a shiny silver coat on it.
Or attracted by Toto Cube lamps created by French wine tank manufacturers in a quiet season;
The light is large enough to be used as a seat or table to give a warm glow from inside. Pier 1 (www. pier1. com)
There is a whirlpool light, an ancient silver winding twist that rubs and makes a sound pillow in foggy smoky tones.
The folds of light fabric perform well in this theme;
View City Furniture and Pottery Barn (www. potterybarn. com)
Foam of water
Color shower curtain and bedding. Z Gallerie (www. zgallerie. com)
There is a ball lamp made of hundreds of oyster shell tiles;
Its rainbow color is both organic and jewelrylike.
You can also find the cloud vase here, which is a milky white whirlpool of rolled cloud glass. Roubini Rugs (www. roubinirugs. com)
Is there a peacock carpet from Tony Duquette? A swirl of emeralds and ink, like a small piece of the mineral itself.
Campien Pratt's sailor carpet collection is inspired by a trip through Marcos, adopting a soothing natural pattern of waves and landscapes. Art Addiction (www. Artaddictioninc. com)
Provide a few large-format prints that create an instant atmosphere and provide launch points for other furniture.
A series of dandelion is about to get the upper hand.
Collection of X
Element and art of Thunder sea urchins and shells.
There is also a dramatic set of horse images that were photographed on a windy, foggy day with all the muscles and whip man.
There are some Dreamworld about them.
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