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austin puts the squeeze on polyester - characteristics of polyester

by:Cailong     2019-08-16
austin puts the squeeze on polyester  -  characteristics of polyester
Oh, baby, very Oh, the world polyester crisis.
Once considered synonymous with a fashion disaster in their 70 s, synonymous with the clock base and kipper tie, the polyester sheeny sense once again draws the imagination of trendy young people around the world.
The problem is that there are too many cats buying it.
Supplier of Pet (PET)-
It's polyester for me and you, baby-
Just can't cope with the soaring demand caused by the popularity of retro appearance.
If there is one person who is responsible for this, it is Austin Bowles, the international man with poor mystery and taste, whose preference for loud suits and loud shirts has changed the hangers on the street.
Experts believe that, unless production increases significantly, the supply of polyester may completely dry up by 2008.
The most famous is the key ingredient of Terylene easy-
Non-iron shirt and Crimplene
Crease casual pants, fabric has gone a long way from the age of 60.
According to the manufacturer, once starch and discomfort, today's polyester can be processed into a soft and silky feel.
This material also exists in plastic bottles, plastic wrap, photographic film, food packaging and mattresses.
DuPont, a manufacturer, even described the material as "a true miracle of modern science --
The cornerstone of a complex, highly integrated enterprise and alliance network.
As DuPont's promotional materials say: "From sleeping bags and mattresses to pillows and mats, from smart cards and printed circuits to hi-
From labels and safety films to electrical insulation and capacitors, polyester touches almost every part of people's lives --every day.
"Polyester fiber is particularly popular in Asia, and some experts believe that an increase in demand from the continent alone could increase the likelihood of a global shortage.
Or as Austin Bowles might say: "Very shagadelic.
"But now a British company claims to have found a solution for the upcoming polyester shortage.
Swinger has landed and swinger is part of the Synetix group.
Scientists at the company say they have developed a cleaner, faster way to produce this material.
The company claims that more efficient titanium catalysts can increase productivity by 15%.
"Polyester Fiber is the victim of its own success," a spokesman said.
It used to be considered starchy and uncomfortable, but today it can be processed into a soft feel like a peach skin.
We are providing this industry with a new technology that will increase productivity.
Synetix promises "superior color and purity" and "higher yield by shortening the reaction time ".
This may not make much sense to the loyal followers of fashion, but it means there will be more polyester shirts, ties and casual pants on the shelves.
Of course, some will be shocked by the return prospects for the appearance of Crimplene.
For them, this evokes their memories of sweating at the party, the warm sweet German white wine and pineapple block cocktail sausage at the party, the highly refined cooking, KC and the band of Sunshine
But when Austin Bowles is doing his thing, the polyester shirt will work with Evisu jeans as a hot fashion icon.
There was even a 70-year-old tribute band called polyester who performed in Hoboken, New Jersey
The birthplace of Frank Sinatra
Attracted an avid follower.
So baby, pick up a polyester shirt and jump on good feet and do bad things.
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