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australian celebrity paedophile ring revealed - pet film producer

by:Cailong     2019-07-05
australian celebrity paedophile ring revealed  -  pet film producer
The daughter of a famous playwright reveals the amazing revelations of Australian paedophile gangs, involving celebrities.
According to Australian reports, the daughters of playwright and poet Dorothy Hewitt, Rosanna and Kate Lily, said they were 15 years old forced to include late Bob Ellis and Martin Sharp.
Sharpe, Australia's most famous pop artist, designed record covers and posters for Bob Dylan, Donovan and Eric Clapton, and created songs for Clapton's band Cream.
Ellis, a political commentator, writer and filmmaker, wrote 22 television and scripts.
The Lily sisters all wrote new books, saying their mother encouraged her daughter to have underage sex with celebrities she hosted in Sydney's house.
The sisters say these men like to keep young girls around, their mothers are considered left-wing radicals, admire feminists, and encourage them to join the free sex scene in time.
Kate Lily said: "We are these stupid girls . . . . . . Prison bait . " She described her mother's house as a "unpaid brothel ".
Other men include a living local film producer and a poet who raped Kate Lily while she was a minor, as well as the famous British porn photographer David Hamilton.
Known for his softness.
Lighting images of pre-adolescent girls aged 83year-
Old Hamilton committed suicide in 2016 when a former model accused him of raping her in 1987, when she was 13.
At the event that Woollahra terrace Hewett shared with her husband writer Merv Lilley, a team of celebrities attended the salon's party --
Just like sisters spend their teenage atmosphere.
Hewett also sleeps with some men while her husband has sex with other women, which promotes sex.
When she was 16, Kate Lily had already slept with six men, and her sister Rosanna had already slept with a dozen men when she reached her agreed age.
These are older artists and writers, including Bob Ellis and Martin Sharp, as well as Hamilton, who took pornographic photos of Rosa.
Rozanna said she had a one-time relationship with Martin Sharp when she was 15, and Martin Sharp apologized to her decades later.
David Hamilton took a recent photo of her genitals after showing her porn girl photos to prove that others agreed.
Kate Lili said: "At home, it's unbearable, and I used to have sex with men a lot to prevent them from having sex with Rossi.
"But I found out they did have sex with Rossi.
"Kate Lili's teen age is called poetry in her new book, tilt, 57-year-
He has published a professor of pet and college English.
Rozanna, 55, an anthropologist and autistic researcher, also wrote poems about sexual abuseunnamed)
In her book, Will oysters get bored for older men? A Curious Life.
Kate Lily told the Australian magazine that she had four sexual relationships with Bob Ellis at the age of 15 and 16, "whenever he appeared ".
Rozanna wrote a poem about her sexual contact with Ellis when she was a child.
At the age of 13, Rozanna Lilley starred in lesbian.
Themed movie tour about female criminals living in the jungle.
The script was featured by Dorothy Hervey, her mother.
There is still the film on the DVD.
Kate Lili's tilt is published by Vagabond Press for $24. 95.
Are oysters boring?
Curious Life by UWA Publishing Company Rozanna Lilley, $29. 99.
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