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ayesha curry partners with freshly picked to launch children’s holiday moccasin collection - holographic foil

by:Cailong     2019-06-30
ayesha curry partners with freshly picked to launch children’s holiday moccasin collection  -  holographic foil
The newly picked Ayesha Curry was made again!
Golden State Warriors designer, TV host and wife Stephen Curry for the second time to work with the children's mokassin brand --
Just in time for the holiday to bring her ideas.
"When I gather inspiration for this series, I want to design something amazing and colorful that my girls will love," Curry, 16month-old Ryan and 4-year-
Old Riley told the People's Daily exclusive coverage of the latest fp Ayesha Curry holiday collection, offering three new pairs of soft
Provide independent sports for babies and children.
"The favorite part of my holiday series is how well each style goes with any outfit and still captures the fun and fun of childhood," Curry, 27, added . ".
"These sparkling metal moccasins, persistent organic contaminants with color, absolutely captured my vision!
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Curry shared her experience working directly with the newly selected team, working with Susan Peterson, founder and CEO of the company, and colleague mom, to design. And the brand —
It has just launched an online marketplace where shoppers can collaborate and learn more about the product before purchasing
Close to Curry's heart and precious.
"One reason I'm excited about working with freshly baked shoes is how your baby's first pair of shoes became an important memory maker," she said . ".
"I'm so excited that my collection will be part of every step of your little one's first holiday.
The three options for the series are Geo Rose, Glitz & Glam and Holographic-
In the case of making sure the comfort is intact, each one brings a different kind of spark to the little guy's feet.
Geo Rose features artdeco-
Inspired Patterns and roses-
The entire golden tone.
Glitz & Glam is touted as more gender
Neutral, black and platinum colors and the company's popular Platinum leather.
One of the big selling points of holographic is that its holographic foil point, at the right angle, allows the light to transform the silver fabric into a gorgeous rainbow.
"The exciting thing as an entrepreneur is to choose projects based on your talent and passion," Curry explains the personal balance she can find as a working mom.
"When Riley was a kid, I fell in love with the moccasins I just picked and loved that the company was founded by a mother.
"In addition to being a designer and mother of two children, Curry also released a cookbookin in September, which is currently hosting her own on the homemade program of the Food Network calledAyesha.
"It can be difficult to balance the needs of mothers and entrepreneurs," Curry admits . ".
"But through Ayesha's self-made, my network of food shows and my experienced life, it is very worthwhile for me to share with everyone my passion for creating food for my family --
Sell recipes.
I like to set an example for my daughters to tell them what happens when you pursue your dreams! ”The limited-
The FP freshlypickled Mai Jiaxuan Curry holiday collection is available online.
$60 each.
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