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balloon boy incident raises more questions, officials say - where to get mylar

by:Cailong     2019-07-30
balloon boy incident raises more questions, officials say  -  where to get mylar
Authorities plan to raise new questions to the family at the center of the world-focused balloon show on Thursday, with comments and other concerns in CNN's interview raising speculation that the event may have been staged.
"We feel it is our responsibility as an institution to try again.
"Interview them and make sure it's actually a scam or an actual event," lardham County Sheriff James Alderden said at a press conference on Friday . ".
"We believe this is a real event at this time.
Alden said: "Investigators with expertise in finding cheating conducted interviews with the family on Thursday and thought they did not lie.
He said his office was filled with phone calls and messages from people who insisted it was necessary and put "a lot of pressure" on the authorities to ask Richard and meimi ·
The sheriff's office said it was conducting a background check on Heenes.
On Thursday, a huge pull balloon took off from the Colorado backyard north of Haines.
The couple said they were afraid of their 6-year-
It's probably the old son.
They can't find him.
In the audio of the 911 calls released on Friday, parents sounded emotional and desperate.
The Falcon was not on board when the balloon finally landed.
Later, he came out hiding in the attic of his garage.
On Friday, Richard Hahn told CNN's "American Morning," "I am very, very grateful that the Falcon is among us . ".
"We experienced too much emotion yesterday.
On Thursday night, on CNN's "Larry King Live" show, Heine's parents asked the Falcon why he didn't come out to hide when they called him.
"You said we did it for the show," he said . "
Watch the boy's critics chase the storm and shoot some videos.
Heenes also appeared in the ABC show "Wife Exchange.
After the Hollywood gossip website TMZ.
Com reports that Heenes has been "rolling out a reality show about quirky families," one of the networks mentioned, TLC, making "Jon and Kate Plus 8 ", they found us a few months ago and we passed.
The other two production companies Reality Real and RDF, which produce "wife exchange", did not immediately respond to CNN's inquiry.
When the balloon took off on Thursday, they had a camera record at home.
That's because the family planned an experiment in which the balloon would rise 20 feet from the ground, Alden said.
Richard Hahn said his son was confused when he made a comment on the show.
Heene said Friday morning that the media had gathered on the front lawn to ask questions, which is what Falcon was referring.
Heene, a meteorologist who took his family to chase the storm, said he was worried about when the balloon would take off because "the project has almost failed.
"Then their son, Bradford, said he thought the Falcon was inside, triggering the horror of the family ---
As people watch TV reports of live balloons, the world reacts like a cross between mushrooms and flying saucers.
Alderden told CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Friday that, according to reports, parents "brought these children into potentially dangerous situations" through tornado chase, experimental balloons and other activities ", it is "appropriate" to involve [child protection"services]
At least look at how the family is and whether the child is in a safe state.
Earlier, Alden told reporters that his department had contacted child protection officials, but asked them not to contact their families until investigators had a chance to reconnect. interview them.
Speaking at a news conference on Friday, Alden said he did not believe the Falcon would follow instructions for hiding.
"I just can't see anyone telling this special boy to go there and sit there for five hours and keep quiet.
"I just can't see how active he is," said the sheriff . ".
He also said it was unlikely that the other two brothers, aged 8 and 10, would get rid of the scam.
If it is determined that the incident is a hoax, "the only thing we have is that they submit false reports to the authorities, which is a level 3 misdemeanor," Alden said . ".
But the authorities can manage to recover the money they spend, he said.
"If there is a crime, we will definitely ask for compensation," he said . "
Alden added that the balloon landed in the plowed wheat field and the owner could seek compensation from his family.
Alderden replied that when asked if parents would not check the whereabouts of their three children before allowing the equipment to take off and why the system tether was not strong, "You put forward some very effective points that we are considering.
Alderden also said his office contacted an expert at Colorado State University during the accident to make sure the balloon was sized enough to handle the Falcon's child, he said.
The sheriff also tried to defend his department.
During the incident, authorities searched the boy three times.
He said: "Obviously, it's not as thorough as we would like it to be because the boy is hiding in the attic of the garage.
"Investigators saw the raf in the garage, but there was no ladder to climb.
"Our guys just think 6-year-
"The old boys can climb up that space so they don't look there," he said . ".
The Falcon was not locked in a box as Orden originally reported.
Instead, Mr. Alden said, he apparently climbed on a box to get into the attic area.
Despite the many conspiracy theories circulating on the Internet, Alden stressed that the authorities had not seen the suspicious behavior of the Heene family.
"They properly expressed statements, non-verbal communication, body language, and emotions that were in full agreement with what was happening in this event," he said . ".
"Of course, people are free to guess and they are free to doubt," Alden added . ".
"But those of us who work in law enforcement must operate based on facts and what we can prove.
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