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Balzer: Five tips to beat the competition and get your garden growing - where can you buy mylar sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-30
Balzer: Five tips to beat the competition and get your garden growing  -  where can you buy mylar sheets
May's weather is usually crazy, but, like a competitor to Canada's Amazing Race, Calgary gardeners are vying for the first place this spring.
Like every spring the local bumblebee comes out of the hole on the ground, the gardener comes out of the basement and goes to the garden center and the big box store this weekend.
Although we still remember that it might have snowed before in Calgary, we are ready to shop and plant.
Our goal is to change the pots, patio and small pieces of soil from dim brown to bright colors.
So, spread the carpet out, pull the jar out and start your engine.
Experienced gardeners know it would be better to wait for planting, but, if you hesitate, the shelves will be empty and the late Robin will go for bugs.
So put the plants together this weekend and leave them brown.
We want color now.
Spring in Calgary is a short race with 90 to 112 days of growth and we will use these five tips to enjoy every minute of it and make the summer of the season spectacular: it seems counter-intuitive, but larger plants
Tree or flower.
Slower than small plants. The greenhouse-
Growing flowers quickly disappear and die in Calgary's sun, and plants are usually hit when cool seasonal averages come in and out this spring.
Starting with smaller plants, right in buds or promising buds, let the roots have time to grow into freshly prepared pots and soil.
But how do you know to take one or two small plants out of the pot to check the roots.
If the roots are spiral or slow to grow at the bottom of the pot, they will overgrow and are too old to use.
If the roots hardly appear on the edge of the soil, they are not strong enough and may fail.
Bright white roots are perfect, so take a look at these before you buy them.
It's been a long winter: Spoil yourself with a large basket in full bloom and then focus on buying plants that are cheaper, smaller and have "potential" to grow.
Planting in the soil last year was like serving chicken dinner after the body was picked clean.
The soil needs to be lifted.
In the pot, reuse the old soil but add secret sauce.
Compost, worm castings and charcoal are secrets to promote the life of minerals and soil.
Just dump all the old soil in the basin on the tarps and then combine 1/3 of the old soil, 1/3 of the new soil and 1/3 of the new compost.
Add 6 liters of bio-charcoal and worm castings to the soil updated every 120 liters, mix evenly, and then refill the pot.
Use Professional brands such as Pro-when buying new soil-
Stay away from anything that promises miracles.
If planted in garden soil, mix 60 liters of worm casting or fresh compost with 6 liters.
Before planting, 5 liters of bio-charcoal and add a 2 cm mixture to the top of the soil.
Start to fertilize plants with diluted organic products (such as liquid fish and kelp) every week and quickly observe small plants of double size. Like a one-
It's boring to plant flowers alone.
Instead of using 100 of the flowers, try to mix plants with flowers with a leaf texture of 25 and 75.
Plants with colored leaves like coral bells, plants that grow all the year round, or tropical viewing plants Canna and Calla, add free leaf color and texture at a time.
After a dry and windy day in Calgary, the soil in the pot shrinks and the plants wither and die.
If you work outside all day, consider installing an irrigation system to ensure a stable water supply.
Timer connected to micro faucet
Tubing and adjustable micro
The nozzle allows the measured amount of water to drip into the plant every day.
From five.
Set up a few minutes before lunch so the plants can get moisture early in the day.
With the growth of plants, hold up with your hands
Water or adjust the timer twice a day. The full 14-
The weather forecast in Calgary shows that temperatures fall close to zero at night and it is possible to rain.
If the rain drops below 5C and the rain turns into snow, we can see the lively zin grass and start to black and die.
Experienced Calgary gardeners have a row cover on hand to protect their investment in planting.
The lightweight carbon wool ordered online or purchased locally is your insurance plan.
Unlike sheets or other laundry items, the Bon fleece keeps the light well and keeps the plants warm overnight even if they are wet or snowy.
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