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balzer: warm crops love the heat in calgary - clear plastic film

by:Cailong     2019-07-18
balzer: warm crops love the heat in calgary  -  clear plastic film
The teacher called me at work.
She wanted to talk to me about my first year son.
"Your son is very special," she said . "
Of course, I was happy to talk to the teacher about my special son and I immediately told everyone at work the good news.
I look forward to the best but I am in the dark.
The word "special" has two meanings, and the message conveyed by the teacher is not good.
Gardening in Calgary is also "special", especially in hot weather.
Love beans, melons, pumpkins, zucchini, pumpkins, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, Basil, peppers and corn.
If planted too early, these plants will slowly rot in our cold Calgary soil.
If planted this week and given a little extra help, everything will thrive. The long-
The range forecasts for this month are all sunshine and roses, but if you live on a mountain in Bearspaw or Prague Creek, you know the climate is changeable!
Why this summer, especially at the beginning, here are some tips to keep the plants comfortable.
Transparent plastic stretches tightly on smooth soil, warming the ground eight degrees.
The problem with this solution is that transparent plastic also helps weeds.
Newer plastics such as infraredred transfer (IRT)
The cover adds some color to the plastic so that it can keep the soil warm while preventing the growth of weeds.
Biodegradable plastic provided online is not as warm as transparent plastic, but better than black plastic, so you can choose this spring.
If your space is small and you don't want to cover the whole bed with plastic, you can buy something especially hot
Hat or use four
Cut out the raised milk cans at the bottom to warm the air and shelter the young plants.
Make sure to remove the lid from the jar and let the heat escape.
Simply dip the kettle underground and keep the soil warm until the seeds germinate or the seedlings take root completely.
This spring, when my plastic --
Lovely puppy saw a chance.
A few minutes after leaving the house, Cole trampled on the garden and tore off all the newly added plastic kettles from the soil.
I was forced to postpone my plant cover plan until next spring when the puppy enters her pre-teens.
In the meantime, I combine the Fabric Row cover with the IRT cover to encourage my melon on the puppy --
Excluded front yard.
If your tomatoes are already too big to grow under a milk jug, or too high to cover with fabric, try planting tomatoes on their sides this year.
Logically, only the first 10 cm of the soil will warm up below the coverage.
To take advantage of the warmest soil area, remove the lower leaves of the tomato and plant plants in the shallow ditch.
Tomatoes can take root all the way along the stem, so tilt planting under top exposure helps the tomatoes take root and grow faster.
I like my greenhouse because it is comfortable and there is no interference from the puppy.
Sadly the greenhouse is too small to hold everything so my next
The best place is where the wind outside is sunny.
In my old house, I followed the narrow path next to my house and put a row of potatoes in the old flowerpot because it was sheltered from the wind and facing south.
In the new community, avoiding the wind is particularly important, but all plants benefit from avoiding the wind, so the first thing to do is to take advantage of the shelter.
Even if there is only a few hours of sunshine per day, the heat comes out of my house and goes into my potato pan to make sure they grow fast next to my house.
By the way, if you haven't planted potatoes yet, you have to plant them in half. June.
Just pull it out, throw away any sprouts on the potatoes, and throw the roots directly into the pan. Plant in a 20-
When potatoes sprout this summer, the soil depth is 30 cm and additional garden manure or straw is added.
Potatoes are not sunburned when exposed to the sun during growth, they turn green and then taste bad.
A straw or newspaper cut is sunscreen.
Like hot plants to thrive in pots, so I make pots in the yard with sunny places.
In the Sun, it is ideal to have a cauldron with a sheltered location next to a fence or building.
If you don't have enough space, make cucumbers, peas and beans with wooden piles so they grow up rather than grow up.
My son was "special" because he didn't know what immersion classes he was taking and the teacher didn't have time to figure him out.
The Calgary gardens are special because we have different elevations and we live different lives almost on the mountain.
This means we can get more snow, frost, wind and hail than the rest of Alberta.
Our special climate means a sudden change in weather.
My son is now a teacher, so fortunately his problem is not properly diagnosed, not more serious.
If your tomatoes, zucchini or basil do not thrive, you can improve their fate by heating the soil and supporting them in June.
It won't be long before we complain that it's too hot!
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