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bambolim projects set to be inaugurated on jan 26 | goa news - times of india - acrylic sheet price

by:Cailong     2019-08-09
bambolim projects set to be inaugurated on jan 26 | goa news - times of india  -  acrylic sheet price
PANAJI: Goa Dental College and Hospital hostel, 450-
The beds Ward of Goa Medical School and the subway outside the Bambolim hospital will all open on Republic Day.
All three projects undertaken by Goa National Infrastructure Development Corporation (GSIDC)
The inauguration was announced by chief minister Digamber Kamat.
The cost of building a 4,257 square meter Goa Dental College guest house is RS 6.
Can accommodate 183 students.
The building consists of a dining room with 156 seats, a kitchen and a dining room. The over 70-
The room structure also includes a multi-function hall, two guest rooms, a waiting room, a TV and a game room, an open terrace on each floor and a guest room.
The building is also equipped with study tables, bedside tables, etc.
On the other hand, the underground of Bambolim is estimated to cost Rs 7. 37 crore.
The total length of the subway is 62 m, spanning the Bambolim 17 national highway and the width of the subway is 20 m.
The subway consists of three stairs and three entrances and exits, each of which is 7 metres wide and 26 metres long.
At the back of the ramp is the 12 m passage and at the other end is the 13 m long staircase.
In order to keep the subway waterproof, waterproof has been carried out outside the subway.
The non-slip floor of the ramp and stairs has been used. Barrier-
Free access and ramps for people with disabilities.
The Metro also offers 24 commercial stores of about 9 square meters.
In addition to adequate night lighting, clear acrylic roofs are installed on ramps and stairs to allow natural light within the metro.
The subway also has two pumps installed to pump water if needed.
Two inverters have also been installed to provide at least 6 hours of backup for the backup power in the event of a power outage.
The 450-storey ward building in GMC complex, built at a cost of 22 rupees, is an extension of the existing surgical ward and paid ward building.
Total construction of the structure
Rising area 1368145 sq m.
One of the three blocks of ICUs is full air-conditioned.
While the next layer will hold both the skin and VD, the previous layer will be dedicated to pediatrics.
Other floors will include the chest disease department, neurology department, Neurology Department and internal medicine department.
Additional lofts are provided specifically for resident doctors, and the ward is equipped with six elevators.
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