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bankrupt ctc to introduce two more ac trams | kolkata news - times of india - transparent polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-08
bankrupt ctc to introduce two more ac trams | kolkata news - times of india  -  transparent polycarbonate
Kolkata: Lonely air
The conditional tram may not find too many passengers, but it does not stop the Kolkata tram company (CTC)
From planning to introducing more of these.
The CTC staff claimed that sick companies were burning more holes in their pockets, converting regular trams into AC trams that could not attract passengers.
However, the chairman of the company, Shang Tilal Jain, believes that there is a demand for AC Cars.
"We will launch two more AC trams for regular commuting.
"I think a lot of people will not hesitate to pay more for the comfortable tram journey," Jain said . ".
But has the company conducted any research to support this claim? Strangely, no.
The tram in Kolkata has lost its edge and some of the most viable routes are no longer in use.
For a long time, the trams of the city have been unable to modernize.
About 20 modified trams with a new look were launched a few years ago.
The main body of them is polyester transparent, the interior space is spacious, and the windows are open.
But there has been no change in wealth.
The first air-conditioned tram leased by CTC to the National Tourism Administration failed to attract tourists.
Named "tour of heritage", this is a 7-
Nine o'clock A. M. in central and northern Kolkata 22-
Every Friday, except Monday and Thursday.
The tram should also be turned into a mobile restaurant in the evening, from Marina Avenue to kidpole, where passengers can taste some special food.
Tickets for both trips are priced at Rs 260 per person, including breakfast and evening snacks.
IRCTC is working on promotional and ticket bookings called "choruibhati" and the company will launch online ticket bookings soon.
Tourism Minister Krishna Narayan Chowdhury believes it is too early to cancel the adventure.
"Some of the initial issues are being investigated by our officials.
If it turns out to be completely unworkable, we will send the tram back to the CTC.
This is not our property.
"We pay CTC rent of Rs 5 per month," he added . ".
Tourism officials say there are some serious shortcomings in the trip.
The traditional building is only pointed out to the tourists on the tram.
There was no arrangement to take them in because the tram could not be parked in the middle of the road, causing traffic jams.
There are almost no advertisements.
Due to poor response, the tram was parked in the depot most of the time.
So it's also like a white elephant for the tourism department.
Jain said, "We will not incur additional operating costs in order to run the AC tram.
The electricity bill is 32 rupees per month.
So we can make such changes.
At present, tram can only survive through better service.
So it's reasonable to launch two more AC trams.
The CTC operates nearly 125 trams per day, despite some restrictions such as reduced road space
Feasible routes around the city and ongoing construction work.
At present, it has a fleet of 257 people.
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