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banksy artwork on welshman's garage draws 20,000 visitors, leaves him in 'freefall' - black plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-05
banksy artwork on welshman\'s garage draws 20,000 visitors, leaves him in \'freefall\'  -  black plastic sheeting
The owner of a garage became the canvas for Banksy's latest artwork, saying he "couldn't cope" with the attention it brought to his suburban streets.
Before Christmas, the artwork appeared in the garage of Ian Lewis, port town, Talbot, Wales.
But Mr Lewis told the BBC that since then he has been in "freefall" and has been working every day to keep up with thousands of visitors to the murals.
According to the BBC, about 20,000 people visited art during the Christmas holiday.
"It's too important for me.
In fact, I manage an art attraction myself, "Mr Lewis told the BBC.
The council staff set up a metal fence around the garage, and after visitors tried to cut the pieces off the artwork, the plastic cloth had covered the artwork.
Actor Michael Xin paid for a security guard to look after the mural during the Christmas holiday.
"I think I was happier before this happened.
"I just don't know where I'm going with this," Mr Lewis said . ".
The preservation of the public art of this mysterious artist has always been a problem.
In 2015, the project of a bank in Melbourne was destroyed, and builders smashed a hole in the wall to make pipes for a new cafe.
A year later, a bancey mural, which mocked British government surveillance, was removed from a wall in the South. west England.
Last year, a painting by Banksy was torn to pieces at a price of nearly $1.
Auction 9 million
Mr. Lewis said he wanted to remove the walls of the garage and suggested "maybe in the city center ".
"They can be moved and I know they can be moved.
"I think a team of experts is needed to transfer it from what I can collect," he said . ".
Mark Drakeford, First Minister of Wales, said he had asked the Welsh government to study how to help Lewis protect the mural.
Located on the edge of Swansea Bay, Port Talbot is one of the largest steel mills in the world.
Earlier, Lewis said he suspected the town was chosen because of headlines about air pollution at steel mills.
But the World Health Organization apologized after admitting that the port of Talbot was the worst polluted town in the UK.
Still, in July, black dust from the town's steel mills covered houses, cars and pets, which could be an inspiration for the artwork.
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