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Bay PET recycling champions to be lauded - pet plastic

by:Cailong     2019-07-27
Bay PET recycling champions to be lauded  -  pet plastic
Job creation, innovation and poverty alleviation are only some of the main achievements of the Nelson Mandela Bay recycling initiative, which has had a clear impact at the community level.
The PET recycling company is celebrating this (PETCO)
PET plastic national recycling agency, in the form of an inspiration meeting, will be held in the Bay today, Wednesday, November 21. The two-
The one-hour event will mark several recycling plans in the city that have made progress not only in PET plastic recycling but also in upgrading the community.
PETCO encourages the public to participate in the event to learn more about uniqueness and life
The whole city is changing its plans.
According to PETCO chief executive Cheri Scholtz, many incredible things happen every day in the recycling industry in South Africa, driven by an extraordinary network of people.
"These people should be recognized and become innovative entrepreneurs, employers and champions in their own way, scholtz said: "They contribute to the environment and the community through the work they do in the recycling industry. ".
She said the PETCO inspiration conference was designed to provide a public platform for partners of the organization to share how they worked to change the recycling sector.
"We encourage the public to participate and hear from people who are passionate about PET recycling and its potential to change their lives.
"Whether it's a consumer or a potential consumer, you can look at it with a new perspective --
Become an entrepreneur in this field . "
Included in the line-
The speaker is PE-
Dr. Tony ribink, environmental scientist at the African marine waste network, will launch the project and will address the following topics: zero plastics in South Africa's waters and plans to make the Gulf the cleanest city in South Africa by 2021.
Edenhah recycling laswop-
Shop ette Goosen will explain how the recycling project cleans up the local community and helps families survive, and Leon van der Watt from canibal recycling will share how his recycling business can help for the unemployed
Anyone who is interested in participating in the Baakens Valley Ellis Street Chiki yard event can reply by emailing Carra's PETCO. levy@ petco. co. za.
Tickets R100 per person, including dining.
The activity time is from 17: 00 to 19: 00.
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