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be careful in selecting sunglasses | allahabad news - times of india - polycarbonate lenses

by:Cailong     2019-08-23
be careful in selecting sunglasses | allahabad news - times of india  -  polycarbonate lenses
Allahabad: Don't forget the role of sunglasses, which can protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.
But if people prefer substandard sunglasses in order to save money, then it can damage their eyesight.
Dr. SP Singh, head of ophthalmology department at MLN Medical School, said when discussing the difference between good sunglasses and unqualified sunglasses, the surface of cheap glasses is irregular, resulting in light diffraction.
If you want cheap sunglasses, the eyes have to work harder to convert the light into parallel beams, which causes the eyes to strain, he says.
Throughout the year, everyone has the risk of getting sunburned by the sun.
The risk is greatest from ten o'clock A. M. to four o'clock P. M.
Athletes, students, salesmen, media and others who have to face the heat and glare outdoors for a long time are more likely to be affected by the eyes. Ultra violet (UV)
The radiation of the sun will hurt the eyes.
But the sunglasses blocked it.
Don't think you are protected with expensive sunglasses or dark glasses.
Dr. Singh added that looking for glasses that offer 99 to 100% UV protection, or if you are not sure about the level of UV protection for sunglasses, ask an eye doctor to test your sunglasses.
It is recommended that dark sunglasses be sufficient to reduce the glare of the sun, but the color of the glass should not be very dark, thus distorting the color and affecting the identification of traffic signals.
He added that there is little difference in hue as this is mostly a matter of personal preference, but neutral gray, Amber, brown or green lenses may be the first choice.
Even children should wear sunglasses when they come back from school and school.
As the holidays begin, parents should take proper care of the child's eyes and make sure they don't risk going out without eye protection.
Buy sunglasses because these are cracks-resistant.
Sunglasses made of glass can damage the eyes in case of damage.
There is growing evidence that exposure to UV rays can damage the eyes. Long-
Long-term exposure can lead to cataract, muscle degeneration, and skin cancer around the eyelids.
Cheap Sunglasses, usually made of recycled plastic, don't have any benefit, just have colored lenses that block some light, not UV rays.
Color of sunglasses (A)
The color you choose is a matter of personal taste, but there are a few important colors --
Related Benefits: * the color of the gray lens reduces the brightness but does not distort the color.
* Brown and Amber shades can reduce glare, including glare generated by the blue frequency in the sun, which can make things look blurry.
Brown and amber color twist more easily than gray.
* The color of the yellow lens reduces the smoke from blue light better than Brown, so they do make the field of view clear, but they cause more color distortion.
* Green colored lenses reduce glare and help filter out some blue light.
They provide a good contrast between objects.
* If you take part in water sports or other outdoor activities, rose-colored lenses can be a good choice as they provide good contrast for objects viewed in a blue or green background. (B)
For those working on a computer, tip: * Test eye muscles once a year.
* Use a TFT monitor that reduces strain.
* Keep the distance of 20-
The distance between the eyes and the computer is 30 inch.
* The display should be six to 8 inch lower than the eye level.
* Font size 12-14.
* Take a break every 20 minutes and take a look at objects outside the window or in the distance for 20 seconds.
* Adjust your workstation and chair to the correct height.
* Match the computer screen to the ambient brightness.
* Blink at least 15 times a minute while working on a computer.
* To prevent the eyes from drying, avoid sitting directly under the fan or near the air conditioner. (C)
Simple eye exercises: pick up the sharpened pencil and hold it at arm distance.
Focus your eyes on the tip of the pencil and slowly bring it to your eyes.
Repeat the exercises when you start watching double.
The history of the sunglasses dates back to the Roman emperor Nero, who watched the gladiator's game through the shiny emerald raised by his eyes.
The invention of sunglasses is between 1268 and 1289.
The visual history of early sunglasses is a painting done by Tommaso da Modena at 1352.
The man in the picture is wearing sunglasses. (D)
Myth and fact: Myth: Reading in dim light can damage your eyes.
Fact: Reading in dim light causes eye fatigue but does not hurt eyes.
Eating carrots can improve your eyesight.
Fact: While vitamin A in carrots is indeed high, it is an essential vitamin for vision, only a small amount is necessary for vision.
Myth: There is nothing you can do about preventing vision from falling.
Fact: regular eye checks and proper safety glasses can save your eyesight.
Myth: eye testing is necessary if you have a problem.
Fact: everyone should follow an appropriate eye health plan, including checking the eyes regularly, whether or not they have any obvious problems.
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