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beat the heat within your car - reflective polyester film

by:Cailong     2019-07-04
beat the heat within your car  -  reflective polyester film
Mercury has climbed to its Forties.
In your car. ™Even if the air conditioner is running at full speed, it is no longer interesting.
Due to the heat wave and the dust blowing outside, it is also impossible to shake the window.
Now, it sounds familiar to most delhi™Population with cars.
With delhi. ™Every summer, hot weather goes beyond itself, and colored glasses or sun-controlled movies quickly become a necessity, not just a style statement.
Even if the government prohibits the use of more than 70 cents of shades on Windows, it is not enough to stop the public from buying darker shades for their cars.
A lot of cheap colored films on the market are just extra temptations.
But things are changing.
The manufacturer is now introducing hi-
While providing a comprehensive vision for the police, Science and Technology movies far away from the sun.
The city is filled with coated solar films that may look attractive and cheap.
But they don't have any thermal control.
Sarita Garware, co-general manager of national Garware Polyester Ltd, said they are just plain shades that help keep away from the sun and attract police officers™The only solar-controlled film manufacturer in the United States.
We produce solar-controlled films of various shades with different visible light transmission or visibility, as well as different degrees of thermal insulation.
Traditionally, people think that the darker the film, the hotter it is.
For non-standard
Reflective film.
But Garware added that we have introduced some high-performance lightweight films with higher heat dissipation capabilities.
They also helped the police out of danger.
The latest in its range of high-performance films is classic Lite, which costs Rs 1,275 per pack.
The package contains two films: one for four-sided glass with visible light transmission of 50 and the other for rear glass with visible light transmission of 70.
With this, the side glasses provide 40 cents of heat dissipation, and then the film will heat up to 30 cents.
In addition, the company has launched a brand, Coolvision, specifically designed for windshield, with a reputation of 70 cents.
The film does not block sight, but blocks heat from the front, reduces glare from oncoming vehicles, and is ideal for night driving.
According to an official at Maruti dealer Gautam Motors, three colored windows are provided
Folding advantage for car owners: first, they control heat transfer from outside.
Second, they help make air.
The regulation inside the car is more effective, and finally, they provide a lot of privacy inside the car.
In terms of price, brand products like Garware and sunshine will be a little more expensive compared to the non-branded products offered by your ropadside accessories store.
Large car showrooms may charge more than Rs 500 for fixing the entire package on your car, while smaller roadside shops charge non-branded packaging fees close to Rs 300
However, it should be noted that most local solar films on the market are not scratch resistant.
This means that in normal use, the film and glase create scratches on it, which destroys the look of your car.
Also, since they are coated film, they tend to leave the color on your window once they are removed, which again destroys the glass and look.
Colored glass if you want to install colored glasses on your car, the price will vary depending on the car.
If for Maruti 800, its price is between Rs 1,500 and Rs 3,500, the price will rise by Rs 5,000 for either Esteem or Fiat Siena.
These glasses can be purchased from the showroom when buying a car or from the glass manufacturer.
Optimize your ac™S performance, now learn some tips to optimize car performance™S Air-
Air conditioning system.
Automotive experts at the Engineer Company and reconditioner Tutu Dhawan said: "The time of the Year --
The first thing to do in the old car is to remove the front grille and bumper, and completely press the air conditioner condenser and radiator with clean water.
For the best efficiency of the air, do this at least twice per hot and dusty season
Air conditioning, you will see a clear difference in the cooling of the car.
For a slightly older car, such as a car about two years old, remove the radiator and clean it thoroughly in addition to the pressure cleaning frontend.
The model is slightly older (4-5 years)
, The AC gas should be filled even if the cooling coil should be removed and cleaned.
As for the cost factor, just the front-
When the cleaning cost of the radiator and cooling coil is about Rs 300, the end cleaning cost will be close to Rs 600800. An AC gas top-
If the price goes up, it will take about Rs 500 and the cost of the replacement will be around Rs 900.
Next, after a long pause in the sun, before leaving, roll the glasses down and let the air conditioner explode completely, before you roll up the window, put your air circulation switch on "Fresh Air" and drive around 500.
By doing so, you can blow out the hot air in the car and speed up the cooling process in the passenger area.
You must wear colored glasses or sunglasses.
Also carry some stickson shades.
Dhawan added that always drive your car with the recycling vent closed.
All of these apply only if your car has been flown by air
There are conditions, said Davan.
But if you want to broadcast it
Adjust the car without the existing AC system and be careful with what you put.
Compressor size and other components such as condenser, evaporator.
Must be compatible with various parameters such as engine size.
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