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beer,bratwurst and communism – what gets me up at 4 am - clear plastic rolls

by:Cailong     2019-07-25
beer,bratwurst and communism – what gets me up at 4 am  -  clear plastic rolls
Living in London means I have a lot of assumptions about high-frequency travel to Europe;
Go to Paris on weekends to practice my mediocre French (
I studied French in high school and it was in different centuries)
Or Athens supplement my olive oil soap supply. Um, not quite.
Going to Europe means getting up at four o'clock A. M.
This is the only way to make the most of the weekend and spend one there-
An hour flight still means 6 hours of door-to-door travel.
Then the packaging;
Specifically, how to coordinate the payment of checks-
Bag in such a short trip.
Even if I use those beautiful 100 ml clear plastic bottles in shampoo, the weather in Europe needs to be layered for all four seasons in one day. So, check-in it is.
I woke up and dressed in the dark so as not to wake up the rest of the house.
I took the sweater out of it and forgot to cover the conce cream under my eyes (
I'm obviously not a generation dressed up for air travel).
Now, let's get into the security space.
This is the weird time in the morning, when I want to have breakfast, go to the bathroom, go to bed, all at the same time.
So what should I do?
When I was standing in the line, I did a quick and suspicious move and was pulled over for some "random" checks, realizing that I wouldn't eat eggs in the restaurant at the door, as I watched the sun rise from behind 787 m as I was waiting for the security personnel to test my charcoal toothpaste tank (
He has never seen a paste of gray muck like this before, and does not believe that I will put it in my mouth).
When he passed my item to me through the scanner, I was wondering what I would eat on the plane.
Cold cheese sandwich? A Kit-Kat bar?
Now it's me and 5: 30 A. M.
I was hanging out at the door wondering if I would at least have a great lunch at my destination-Prague this weekend.
After such a short flight, I didn't even finish the episode of the Sacred Game I downloaded and used all my willpower to avoid watching the game the night before, before noon, I arrived at the hotel in Prague and was hungry to be told to check out
It's not another two hours in time, I need to store my bag in their storage room.
When my eyes twitching due to lack of sleep, the bell boy drove my things away.
Yes, it is still the same day and I have not yet felt the relaxation from vacation to one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.
My sister came here from Germany where she lived, and we went to a square in town for a food festival.
The same service is provided at each booth;
A bucket of beer, string of sausages, a bucket of sauerkraut and bright condiments are all consumed by British tourists at single parties or singles.
Travel is always a pleasure, but only to find yourself deeply with people from home.
After eating, I insisted on visiting the Museum of Communism because I needed to immerse myself in the local culture and hey, I didn't come here to have a good time.
The museum was not disappointing.
I was shocked by the atrocities of the Communist regime, except for
The economy and history of World War II, Bata is not an Indian company but a Czech company.
We spent the night strolling on the historic Charles Bridge, and my most vivid memory of this was not the beautiful expansion of the Vltava river, but a man standing under the Baroque statue, when the tourist held his pet snake with yellow skin, he offered to take pictures of them.
Yes, the bridge is packed with so distracting vendors-and to their delight, about 7 million people visit the city every year.
We found a courtyard cafe with a unique Kafka style in its walled art.
When I noticed that there was a person on the other table who looked exactly the same as Saif Ali Khan, I tried to appreciate the intricate soft images like me.
I was excited to nudge my sister, and she saw that he had nothing better than hanging out where we went out.
Google's quick search shows that the actor is actually in Mumbai, and I just had an illusion about the exit of some Netflix companies.
I shrugged and we worked out the dinner plan by consulting TripAdvisor and reading opinions polarized reviews, we will put our culinary desires aside and just choose the restaurant closest to the hotel. (
Sausage on the menu if you want to know. )
In the morning we hike to Prague Castle as every self
Respect tourists in Prague.
The castle is the largest ancient castle in the world.
We marvel at the stunning stained glass of the Gothic cathedral, walk religiously through the quiet museum and admire the jewels on the crown.
The view from the top of the mountain was spectacular, the torture device opened our mouths and the armor displayed sent me to the muddy battlefield.
Now, for my favorite part of any city trip: walking.
Prague is really a city of the past.
After the war, it was not rebuilt as in other cities, and many buildings were still intact.
We walked under the Roman arches, walked through the statues affected by the Renaissance, and often stopped to shoot ancient Greece-
Inspiration column.
Tired walking and beer escape bikes (a multi-
A passenger car that up to 16 people can step on when drinking beer)
, We found a boat restaurant, sat next to glisteningwater in the sunset with our pilot, trying to look like we were doing this all the time, when the waiter handed us the full breakfast menu.
When I got back to London and opened my bag, I bought Lego/bribe at half the airport because I asked my mom to buy it for me-
Time, I scanned the photos of my trip.
My sister and I have a selfie in the background where I can identify the head of what I call celebrity sightings.
My sister and I grinned, and there was a sign of peace on our face. behind us was the Stalinist window frame, and there was a flower teapot between us.
Yes, I can't wait for my next four o'clock A. M. to start.
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