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beichuan: a vision of hell - plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-23
beichuan: a vision of hell  -  plastic sheet
Arriving in Beichuan is the long march into hell.
When you finally climb out of the dirt into the town, there is an amazing sight of terror in front of you.
Official estimates that China's worst natural disaster in 30 years has claimed 50,000 lives so far, but judging from the damage here, it's hard to imagine how much higher the final loss will be.
Beichuan county, Sichuan province has a population of 160,000 in the past, most of them live in the present
The abandoned town of the same name is located in one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.
But everyone died or gave up their flat home.
Beichuan is too close to the earthquake this week, there is no chance.
At least one of them was destroyed, and thousands of bodies were still buried in the rubble.
It's hard to imagine this place becoming a small town again.
There is still no passage on the road.
Soldiers of the People's Liberation Army gathered behind the red flag at a rescue station three kilometers away and began to trek to this broken place.
Since the earthquake last Monday, our journey to Beichuan has been almost completely interrupted and started very quickly, but we were quickly forced to slow down and start a solemn, single journey
When we negotiate on one side of the mountain, the file bar.
We stopped and allowed the soldiers carrying the bodies and the occasional survivors to pass, and their faces became tense by carrying heavy burdens on these steep slopes and on the remains of the roads and fields.
The narrow passage to the town was also packed with villagers who rushed back to the refugee camp in the neighboring town with as few items as possible, spared the worst of the earthquake.
These people are usually elderly and they act slowly but steadily, which clearly infuriates the healthy young army that is eager for the past.
But who would tell a grandmother carrying her life to speed up?
The town was first seen about two kilometers away.
Now it looks like a typical railroad village where a nasty child melts and is covered with sand.
The town was built on both sides of the valley, and when the earthquake struck, the buildings slid to the top of other buildings at disgusting concerts, leaving most of the settlements to collapse at the bottom of the valley.
One or two larger, newer buildings survived, but other large buildings folded up on houses and apartment blocks, leaving dozens of feet of rubble.
I am reporting the story of the Sichuan earthquake every day and it seems impossible to imagine that things will get worse.
Han Wang, who is full of bodies, is weird.
Hundreds of teenagers were dragged out of the mud, and Dujiangyan was a nightmare.
But every day is worse than the next.
No one knows what kind of horror is waiting after Wenchuan is opened above the epicenter.
At this stage, there are few survivors there.
But Beichuan is a terrible sight.
The possibility of more than 50,000 deaths is growing.
Driving along the valley, along the Yangtze River or the river we call the Yangtze River, a JCB carrying a pile of bodies wrapped in tarps is an early sign that Beichuan's scene will be distressing.
But worse and worse than I thought.
The blinds were pulled three times.
There are a few blocks on some storefronts that can be seen under their feet, but the grocery and fruit stores they're going to protect are just huge piles of debris.
In this middle school, hundreds of people are buried alive, just like they are in other schools in Sichuan.
The prison in town collapsed. who knows how many prisoners died?
It is painful to negotiate in the ruins;
What's worse is finding survivors.
Outside the kindergarten, parents call their children's names everywhere.
A pile of small bodies have been found lying on the ground.
The earthquake happened at school at 2: 00. 30pm.
A man found his son's body in the pile, wrapped it carefully in plastic paper, and took him away.
His wife, a migrant worker living elsewhere in China, tried to call her on his mobile phone and told her that their child was dead, but there was no signal yet.
"There are people alive there, there and there," said a rescue worker outside the ruins of a hairdressing salon . ".
But we can't get them out.
What should we do?
"It is impossible not to be swept away in the rescue work;
Anyone in this town has to help, whether or not there are journalists.
A tearful woman said she could hear the cry under the ruins, and I was sent to find stretchers and workers, but when we came back with assistance, the ruins were transferred and there was only one body.
People heard some things in the earthquake area, mistaken the mourning of the deceased for the help of their loved ones.
Rescuers called "Hello" and "anyone there" around the ruins, but only answered with terrible silence.
Rescue efforts have focused on a very small part of the edge of town, and so far only a small part of Beichuan has been explored.
Premier Wen Jiabao flew from the disaster area by helicopter and has visited the town twice so far, but he can only say something encouraging to rescuers.
China cautiously welcomes some foreign investment.
When Mr. Wen first visited the town, he found an American doctor, Brian Robinson, who was walking along the road with other volunteers and ordered the car to stop.
He hugged the doctor, thanked him and asked him to go to Beichuan to help.
Unprecedented action
With meaningful assistance and assistance, it is still not possible to reach Beichuan: Most cranes, medical supplies and military personnel are still in the Valley of the disaster relief headquarters.
Rescuers struggled on a large bridge lying on a river bed, and a broken car on the side of the road was the only proof that it was once a bridge.
On the street, the smell of the body was exacerbated by the burning heat that replaced the heavy rain a few days ago.
The dry weather makes rescue work easier, but you can't help but worry that the disease is the next problem here.
There was a small earthquake yesterday, causing a short panic.
People are also angry that the rescue effort took so long to reach Beichuan, saying that even on Wednesday there were still hundreds of people crying and shouting in the rubble, but it's too late now
There's almost no evidence of sniffing dogs, hi.
Technical equipment, there are not too many helicopters around;
You will see supplies and personnel transported by helicopter.
What they have is the original relief work: Manpower and women's power.
Thousands of soldiers and volunteers have arrived in the area, some from distant provincial capitals and other parts of China.
Anger over poor construction quality is also growing.
In Mianzhu, an apartment building collapsed.
The apartments were built with donations from local work units, a group of workers organized by the Communist Party in factories or offices.
Residents of the search for survivors said it was because corrupt officials demanded so many rebates that the building collapsed.
The nearby buildings did not collapse, including a building that housed Communist cadres.
"Show me the steel structure in that building," said a woman whose mother disappeared in the ruins . ".
"It all fell into the pockets of some officials," she said . ".
The image of foreign media in China is very poor, because most people now think that the international community does not want China to host the Olympic Games and plan to boycott them.
This makes it difficult to report disasters;
In the opposite
China's riots in Tibet, as well as Western media sympathy for Tibetans, are popular with foreign journalists.
We are now seen as a threat.
But the soldiers were still helpful and even offered to get us through the worst hole.
All privately owned cars are parked at a roadblock 20 kilometres from the town in order to make better use of emergency vehicles.
We left our car and started walking, but we were picked up by three rescuers wearing blue CDW trucks loaded with baskets carrying debris.
In the four-day Sichuan earthquake report, I saw for the first time the classic earthquake image, the cracks in the length of the extended Road formed by the movement of the tectonic plates and the tearing of the tarmac.
Later, even the truck stopped, and we walked the remaining three kilometers with volunteers from nearby Mianyang, bringing money, clothes, food and water.
"We are all family, a country, and it is our responsibility to help when our friends suffer," said 49-year-old farmer Lu Fushan . ".
His truck was stopped like many volunteers because there was not enough space for the material to pass through.
Truck-sized cars and rocks were scattered along the narrow mountainside highway, limiting traffic in one lane.
There are hundreds of military vehicles on the side of the road.
Back along the valley, a couple sat on a bench and looked at the wreckage of their house.
Fu Youjun, a 34-year-old farmer, said: "Our house was broken and broken . ".
"My father is in the hospital.
We felt the earthquake. We were very scared. we rushed out.
When we came out, we saw white smoke and dust.
"My brother is in town but I can't reach him.
Many friends and relatives.
We were unable to get in touch with them and we tried to get in touch with them but there was no way.
Water is rising and there may be floods.
Wang Hongmei, his 30-year-old wife, said: "I don't know what we will do next. The House slipped and collapsed.
My nephew is in there, over there in Beichuan.
What are we going to do?
We just got married this year.
"But even in the heart of Beichuan, there are occasionally stories of hope.
"Don't help me, help others, they need help more," said a woman . " The soldiers carried her on the stretcher first.
After pulling her out of the wreckage for a few seconds, the aid center.
She spent almost an incredible 72 hours under the rubble. At the first-
The aid station, there is no time for the medical staff to find the woman's name.
She looks 40 years old in a light blue top and fashionable trousers.
She is weak and unconscious, but so far she is still alive.
The woman was carried back to the mountain on eight strong stretchers.
Young PLA soldiers.
After returning to the rescue station, rescuers formed a warning line for the returned stretcher.
When the survivors were brought in, the soldiers cheered, and as another stretcher came along with the body, the whispers of disappointment and sad comments.
The woman was carried in on a stretcher, a scarf covering her face, and her reaction was initially calm and depressed.
Then she raised her hand and waved.
The scarf is used to protect her from the hot sun.
Some of the People's Liberation Army's toughest forces laugh and cheer like primary school students.
This is alive.
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