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bengaluru dotted with branded litter; food wrappers top list | bengaluru news - times of india - food packaging film

by:Cailong     2019-07-18
bengaluru dotted with branded litter; food wrappers top list | bengaluru news - times of india  -  food packaging film
Bengaluru: a study by the NGO solid waste management Round Table, which is engaged in waste management, shows that most of the plastic waste generated in the city comes from food packaging.
The second is personal care and packaging of home products.
The team is 12,000.
Consumer packaging plastic waste brand garbage from eight different locations in the city.
Waste was generated from 607 brands, of which 128 were international brands.
The team found that up to 85% of waste products, including wrapping paper and handbags, were related to food packaging.
In this regard, 61% of food packaging waste is made by a single
Layers of non-recyclable packaging, only 8% of which are made of pet (PET)
This is a highly recycled plastic.
Nevertheless, all kinds of non-
Recycled plastic waste is choking the city.
In the absence of proper monitoring and civic awareness by the authorities, the problem of packaging waste was largely unresolved.
It is mainly treated or dumped on the roadside with dry waste.
Companies must make arrangements wisely to effectively manage the waste they generate.
There is an urgent need to promote the ecological environment
Friendly approach and phase out multi-layer plastic packaging.
M Kabir, a member of SWMRT, said the company turned to non-
Because people want to consume fast food that can last for a long time, plastic packaging can be recycled.
This can only be achieved through multi-layer packaging.
If the food is packed with recyclable products, it will not remain fresh.
Sandya Narayan of SWMRT said that plastic, due to its many applications, packaging, pipe, cap, foil, zipper lock, woven bag and handbag have been obtained in the form of small bags, bottles, blister packaging, containers, film in the packaging industry.
The same quality also poses challenges to the environment.
Given its composite properties, a large part of this material isrecyclable.
She added that since there was no residual value for brand waste, it was eventually discarded, buried or scattered on the streets.
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