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best cycling helmets - polycarbonate plastic price

by:Cailong     2019-08-22
best cycling helmets  -  polycarbonate plastic price
A helmet is a must for anyone riding a bike.
To protect your head in the worst case, all bike helmets sold by reputable retailers will meet recognized safety standards to help you stay safe.
In order to obtain the approved ce en 1078 sticker, the bike helmet must be strictly tested.
The tests include shock absorption performance, providing a good view, chin strap and fastening device.
The vast majority of bicycle helmets are made of a thick layer of EPS (
Expanded polystyrene)
Cover with a thin but wear-resistant polycarbonate plastic case.
Some brands also use honeycomb core structures to provide additional impact protection.
This is the safety innovation that some brands have recently used in high-end helmets to make them safer.
It represents a multi-directional impact system that is essentially a "sliding-
"Plane" technology, designed to reduce the rotational force caused by tilting the head.
There are many helmets to choose from for riders of all types.
Some are for commuters.
Solid building, heavier and more visibility.
Then, for those who ride on a day or weekend --
Here it is about finding the right balance of weight, breathability and aerodynamics.
Then there's the car, the air and the weight are everything, helping to reduce that few seconds from your time-count.
In their own category, the helmet is for off-road use -
These buildings will be more robust and bulky in order to increase protection.
The safety box for the helmet is checked by meeting safety standards, after which it comes down to weight, aerodynamics, ventilation, comfort and price
Everything high personal.
This is a good looking high quality helmet, a very good value option for those who want a higher performance helmet but don't have a budget.
It weighs only 275 grams, and it uses the MIPS system (
Usually reserved for more expensive options)
To increase safety, there are reflective strips on the back, well ventilated, while still being built firmly with a high quality feel.
The round dial on the back provides a very convenient "move" adjustment for height and circumference
A really neat function
Fast drying and antibacterial filling (
Also there is a spare in the box)£89.
99 | Evans Cycles | buy it now. When you take it out, you know you have a very high quality product --
Completion and attention to detail is the top drawer.
Its shape and profile means that it looks great on your head and the air slot provides good ventilation (
And enhance its unique look)
, And the rear drops slightly lower around your head, which means it fits (
Look, again)great.
The good placement of the generous liner means that it doesn't go deep into your forehead, it weighs only 230 grams, is very light, absorbs the sun well, and there is also a rotating Impact Protection System for POC to increase
£ 270 | POC Sports | buy it now for 238G, the core of this helmet is made up of tubular honeycomb structurecalled Koroyd -
Impact absorption quality far exceeds CE certification requirements.
Equipped with Chase vents to keep you cool, your sunnies (
It's a pleasure.
, A simple and easy-to-use back circular micro-adjustment system, comfortable antibacterial and fast sweat removal interval fabric liner. £149.
99 | Endura Sport | buy it now is highly valued in the cycle community and at this price point it will be difficult for you to find more returns for your money.
It is designed with good ventilation considering performance (
Will also collect your Sun)
, It looks great and can easily adjust the perimeter through the dial on the back (
Although you can't adjust the height of the back holder).
It feels comfortable, it's a helmet you don't need precious --
It's not a fuss, whether it's commuting, racing or traveling, it can be used on a regular basis.
£ 50 | Wiggle | buy it now, one of the final options for the light weight of the helmet (235 grams)
Good aerodynamics, breathable (
There are 11 carefully placed ventilation slots)
Compared to traditional helmets, the new Evade 2 claims to save 50 seconds in 40 km seconds
Very impressive indeed.
Nevertheless, there is no sacrifice in terms of comfort and functionality --
The multi-density EPS is very safe and ideal for comfortable velcro mounting pads (
The spare parts in the box are complete)
, Simple perimeter adjustment with Dial and very neat easy to fix magnetic buckle.
Unique deep exhaust cutting
This "soft air" and exterior trim on the back of the slender helmet combines it with a bright-colored matte and glossy finish, which is very eye-catching.
£ 200 | Evans Cycles | buy premium entry-level helmets now-
It is very breathable, amazing in weight, very durable and durable.
It is designed with special consideration for aerodynamics, with 16 carefully placed channels and very unique notch grilles on the front.
This helmet will be at home during the trip as it was during the crossing.
Country Mountain cyclists. £39.
99 | decathlon | buy now its preferred helmet for SkyTeam in the Tour de France, and the new molding technology makes this helmet Super Light (just 180grams)
With 37 air outlets, your head is always kept cool.
The new model features ecology.
This is a great touch leather chin strap as well as the storage power of the front and back sun.
Needless to say, the list of features goes up and it's a super comfortable option for more serious riders.
£ 170 | Cycle Surgery | in this year's Tour de France, Oakley-
New to the helmet scene-
This helmet has been produced, taking into account ventilation and performance.
Perfect for riding at high temperatures, but you can also get more safety.
The dial on the back makes a very smooth micro-adjustment of the perimeter of the helmet (
Although height adjustment, you need to remove the helmet).
£ 119 | Cycle Surgery | buy now
Vis and safety facing sports equipment, this helmet is perfect for those who are on busy roads during the dark autumn/winter season.
When the headlights hit the helmet, it immediately reflects back to the driver.
This may not be the lightest weight option, but the strong construction of safety is the main focus of the design
There are flashing red LEDs in the back.
This is a real favorite for safety awareness. £63.
99 | Evans Cycles | buy this helmet now full of safety, designed for mountain bike riders.
To Koroyd (
Honeycomb core structure)and MIPS (
Increased protection to minimize brain damage caused by rotational forces)
This stylish, breathable helmet protects you well.
This is a great accessory and durable option that can be used with sunglasses and goggles.
£ 139 | Smith Optics | buy it now if the money is not an object, POC helmets will be our first choice in terms of the best overall performance --
This is a great helmet.
But it's a real price, so Louis Garno is a perfect package;
Good value for money, light weight, Molecular Vision, very good tonality and comfort.
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