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beware the april swindles - white plastic sheeting

by:Cailong     2019-08-08
beware the april swindles  -  white plastic sheeting
Fly Penguin and change the measurement time of pi.
That's right, it's this time of year again, and you have to question everything you read so as not to make you a victim of the annual leg ceremony --pulling.
Every year, thousands of people around the world are drawn in by a series of April fool pranks that usually have spectacular effects, many of which are in the news.
You might say it's April 1.
People must be watching-
For suspicious yarn and prank storiesNot so.
Year after year, people use hook, line and bait.
Here, ABC News online reviews some of the most memorable pranks from around the world.
Australia had exchanged pounds, shillings and pence for dollars and cents in 1966, so it was perfectly feasible when ABC reported this evening in 1975 that the country would soon switch to "measure time.
Under the new system, there are 100 seconds per minute, 100 minutes per hour, 20-hour days.
Say goodbye in hours and seconds;
Say hello to decidays, centidays and millidays.
Footage from Adelaide City Hall even shows a new 10-
Hourly metering clock face.
Many angry callers bombed the TDT, hoping to learn more about the plan.
Someone even wondered how he could convert his newly purchased digital clock to a metric time.
The day Tonight loved having a good time in April 1, and a few years ago they convinced many Sydney people that the city's iconic Opera House was sinking.
With divers checking footage of the underwater Foundation, experts lamented the fate of the building.
Last year, the highly respected BBC revealed that the camera crew filmed near the South Pole witnessed the miracle of the Adley Penguin flight.
It even offers video clips of these flying penguins, one of the most watched videos on the Internet.
Apparently, the birds avoided squeezing together to endure the Antarctic winter, instead migrating thousands of miles to the rainforest of South America, where they "spent the winter in the tropical sun ".
"The BBC is a fool criminal of the April series, and because of its status as one of the world's most respected broadcasters, it can be very effective in attracting people.
This did not stop British aunts from reporting Big Ben on 1980.
The famous Bell Tower and Bell Tower of London
It's digital.
The switchboard was packed with callers protesting the change.
A Japanese sailor called from central China.
Atlantic Airlines reported in Japan's service that the first group of people calling will receive a hand reward from an outdated clock face.
On the other side of the Atlantic, similar pranks have deceived thousands of historical enthusiasts and traditionalists.
Taco Bell, a 1996 fast food chain, announced the purchase of the famous Liberty Bell.
A prominent symbol of the Revolutionary War --
Changed its name to Taco Liberty Bell.
The message is as complete
The company has published a page in seven national newspapers that says cash will "reduce national debt ".
Predictably, the announcement sparked hundreds of angry calls to go to the National Historic Park in Philadelphia. Quick-
When asked about the auction, the White House press secretary replied that the government had also sold the Lincoln Memorial and renamed it Lincoln-
Mercury Memorial
Anything that goes against the status quo must be a sharp prank in April, and a good example is when the allabaman woke up in 1998 to hear the mathematical constant pi (3. 14159. . . )
Changed its value.
The April 1998 issue of the scientific and rational new Mexico newsletter says pi is restoring its "Biblical value" of 3 ". 0.
The article found momentum on the Internet, and lawmakers in Alabama were surprised to receive a series of letters asking them to stop interfering with math.
Returning to a place closer to home, aviation people and businessman Dick Smith seem to have succeeded in an ambitious attempt to drag an iceberg from Antarctica to Sydney, where a barge appeared at the port in 1978, drag an iceberg behind you.
Smith announced a plan to cut it into cubes and sell it for 10 cents, and people will benefit from the quality of treatment for water.
After hours of radio interviews, the arrival of rain exposed the trick.
The foam and shaving paste were washed away, revealing the frame of the plastic cloth below.
The Navy even called him to provide him with a place to park, Smith said, and the whole plan cost him just $1,200.
But arguably the most memorable prank of April took place half a century ago.
The BBC used novel television technology and the British public, isolated from culture, to broadcast a wonderful article about the upcoming pasta harvest.
In 1957, the Swiss farmers had a very mild winter and almost wiped out the terrible spaghetti elephant and nose worm.
"How can the length of spaghetti be so uniform?
Asked the serious news reader.
"This is the result of years of patient efforts by plant breeders.
When people wrote to ask for advice on spaghetti cultivation, the BBC politely suggested "put spaghetti in a can of tomato sauce, hopefully best.
"The 1993 book Museum put this prank in the most important position --time list.
Whether you can't dig a hole in the Swiss spaghetti yarn or get sucked in by an iceberg around the point, no.
One is immune to stupid behavior in April. Be careful.
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