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big moolah on big audio system | ludhiana news - times of india - metalized film

by:Cailong     2019-07-13
big moolah on big audio system | ludhiana news - times of india  -  metalized film
Ludiana: music is an addiction for some people, and it's a lot for their passion. City-
The industrialists and residents of Saran Jeff Sikang town are such a person.
He recently converted his car for up to Rs 10.
He has a sound system imported from the United States.
Charanjeev loves travel, music and music.
He installed a pre-sound system.
Back speaker, two sub-bass speakers, 2,000 w rms for each sub-bass speaker, three amplifiers.
He also modified the interior and exterior of his car.
Exterior modifications include head and tail design, Body packaging with latest graphics and 17-
Alloy wheels with low profile tires inch.
The interior of the car includes fiber work on the toes and pillars, as well as a music system with dynamic effects.
His brother Jaspreet said: "We all love long-distance driving and are music lovers.
We recently went to Delhi, where people were in great awe of the sound system of our car.
They think the DJ is on the road.
Some of them even click on pictures and upload them to social networking sites.
"The Sound of the basic DJ system is equivalent to 4,000 RMS," he added . ".
In order to install such a sound system, multiple damping is carried out inside the car and the engine performance kit is installed to make the sound of the sports car.
In order to eliminate the hum in the vehicle, the sound head and silencer are installed.
Charanjeev, the proud owner, said, "most of the people I met asked me about the cost of our car modification.
They were speechless when I said it cost me more than 10 rupees.
Features of audio system speakers:-Series-based BC6.
5 components provide incredible audio quality.
Bass Horn: bc6 through advanced metallurgical technology.
The 5S anode alumina cone mid-range driver is optimized through a perfect balance of weight, stiffness and damping, resulting in a drive that can effectively produce a silky mid-range broadband width.
It minimizes the back potential and inductance, thus reducing harmonic distortion, better high-end expansion, better power supply to the voice coil, and even helps heat dissipation.
Tweeter: the composite design of the 30mm silk surround aluminum dome tweeter demonstrates excellent transparency and resolution and handles high-end spectrum frequencies with superior sound.
The tweeter has a ventilated back for better coil cooling, better frequency response and lower distortion.
This tweeter also features a short loop similar to the mid driver.
The tweeter can be installed on the surface with the included baffle, or it can be used for original installation for those tight factory locations.
Cross: 2nd orders included bi-
The Ampable passive crossover features a double-sided metal case and hidden speaker terminals that are powerful and pleasing to the eye. It features +/-
3 db treble attenuation, treble phase offset, optional conventional or dual
Amplifier input mode, empty core coil and metal film cap.
The ultimate performance of audio.
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