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binder-free sheet-type all-solid-state batteries with enhanced rate capabilities and high energy densities - polycarbonate compact sheet

by:Cailong     2019-07-22
binder-free sheet-type all-solid-state batteries with enhanced rate capabilities and high energy densities  -  polycarbonate compact sheet
The state battery using inorganic solid electrolyte is considered a promising energy storage system due to its safety and long service life.
Stackable compact paper-type all-solid-
Industrial applications such as smart grids and electric vehicles urgently require national batteries.
Binder is usually indispensable to paper structure-type batteries;
However, it reduces the power and cycle performance of the battery.
Here we report the first manufacture of the adhesivefree sheet-type battery.
The key to this development is the use of volatile Poly (
Propylene carbonate)-based binders;
Three-for the manufacture of electrodes, solid electrolyte sheets and stacking-
Layered paper, these adhesives can also be removed by heat treatment.
The removal of the adhesive increases the rate capability, excellent cycle stability and 2. 6-
Increase in multiples of cellsbased-energy-
Paper density previously reported-type batteries.
This achievement is to achieve sheet-
Type of battery with high energy and power density.
Batteries are key to the use of renewable energy and smart grids, but meet the requirements for capacity, energy and power density, tightness, durability and safety
Power generation batteries are a major challenge.
Traditional lithiumion batteries (LIBs)
The use of organic liquid electrolyte has achieved commercial success in small portable electronic products.
However, LIBs may be dangerous because of their flammable nature and the possibility of electrolyte leakage, which is problematic as the battery size increases.
By contrast, allsolid-state lithium-ion batteries (ASSLBs)using non-
Flammable inorganic sulfur solid electrolyte (SEs)
There is hope for big companies.
Energy storage applications can be expanded due to its safety, cycle life and high power density.
Most of the sulfur
Based on ASSLBs has been made into particles
Type the battery by powder compression.
Unfortunately, these batteries have previously achieved excellent performance only with reduced active substance fraction in composite electrodes (40–70 wt. % LiCoO)
Maximize the performance of the active material.
In addition, powder compression is not optimal for reducing the thickness of the SE layer separator (240–500u2009μm).
As a result, these batteries are limited by low batteriesbased-energy -densities (10–45u2009Whu2009kg)
Compared with the traditional LIBs (100-200u2009Whu2009kg).
Stackable compact paper-
There is now an urgent need to use type batteries in electric vehicles to reduce battery packaging and wiring used in traditional LIBs.
Coating Process has advantages for the manufacture of platestype batteries;
The coating is scalable and can increase the size of the battery using traditional manufacturing equipment.
The adhesive is essential for the dispersion of the active material in the slurry and allows the paper-
Just like the form to be produced.
However, the adhesive reduces battery performance by increasing the internal battery resistance, which damages sulfur-based ASSLBs.
We developed sheet-
Use volatile Poly (
Propylene carbonate)-
The removable base adhesive and vest after manufacture meet the contradictory requirements of dissolving adhesive and maintaining SE performance.
Adjusting the electrode adhesive content and removing the adhesive minimizes the internal battery resistance to the same value as the adhesivefree pellet-type batteries.
As a result, adhesive removal effectively improves rate capability and long termterm stability.
We also describe efforts to improve cells. based-energy-
Adhesive density-free sheet-type full-
A battery using a thinner SE sheet and a thicker electrode sheet with a high active material load.
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