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blackpool, the town that's too old labour for new labour - transparent plastic sheet roll

by:Cailong     2019-07-26
blackpool, the town that\'s too old labour for new labour  -  transparent plastic sheet roll
This may be the biggest insult to the English town, as the dead King George V gave his opinion of Bognor Regis to the weeping courtiers by the bed.
This is the most spectacular snub in Britain since John Bateman directed the German Air Force bomber to try to enter the sky above slo.
Since the disappearance of Pompeii under the carpet of lava, a famous city has not been so completely submerged in implicit accusations.
We are also digesting the meaning of the news that Labor has abandoned Blackpool.
On Monday, the party will hold its last annual meeting in the Winter Garden of cloth. Cap Riviera.
It may not come back.
This spring, the National Executive Council received presentations from Blackpool, Bournemouth and Brighton tourism authorities to discuss their requirements for accommodation, pricing and "facilities, and released an overwhelming Bournemouth in 2000, Brighton in 2001, Blackpool thanks but no thanks.
Once the town gets smart, the party doesn't actually rule out going back to the prime location.
But they're just diplomatic.
To be honest, Blackpool is no longer suitable.
This is not a new labor force.
The Workers' Party has been in the capital of workers' entertainment time since 1927.
Their enthusiasm for war surpassed that of the war years.
MPs, union members, delegates and accompanying journalists have established a rich bi-annual tradition: Meeting in Winter Gardens, staying at the Imperial Hotel, and drinking a glass of champagne at the Wine cottage in Yates, on Thwaite's Boddingtons floor pints, eat seafood at the Robert oyster bar on the promenade, and dance with their lady at the mighty little of the Tower Ballroom, frightened himself during the great turn-back journey known as the "big", watching the hordes of proletariat slowly ride on the ball and watch the lights.
Simple happiness, but honest happiness.
Blackpool is a natural choice to celebrate the grass
The root of the working believers.
It briefly turned the Labor MP into a pint. of-wallop-and-a-portion-of-chips men -
Ordinary dealers and ordinary Democrats discuss unemployment at Queen's bar instead
A congressman reviewing the menu in the rules or Gay Hussar in effete purlieus, London.
Some people will miss the old place.
"I have a lot of warm memories of Blackpool," Claire Short said . ". "After a late-
In the evening meeting, nothing can defeat the wind blowing down from the front.
"Blackpool is the most authentic left-wing gathering place in Europe," said Dennis McShane, Labor MP for Rotherham . ".
"I always stay in small homestay, and during the breakfast of the week, I learned more about the heartbeat of the UK than in the month of the House of Commons.
"What does he like about it other than Session Insight?
"The food here is cheaper than the south, the landlady is more friendly, and the gift for your child is the most interesting in Europe.
"But the sea, Dennis. . .
"And the water is too cold to take a shower, so there is no need to risk polluting the ocean," concluded MacShane . ".
I lodged a strong protest with Tom Sawyer [
General secretary of the Labor party, he made the final decision]
On the issue of turning to the south coast, frankly, this is only for readers of the Conservative Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Guardian.
"Of course, 70 years later, the place has changed.
Accommodation, for example.
"When I first came here," an old man told me.
"There is no en suite bathroom in any other place except the Imperial Hotel.
Now, it's hard to find hotel rooms in town that don't have their own bathroom.
"He's right.
You have to get used to the word "all room suites" when you're walking around, even if (a)
The phrase is not strictly accurate (
Laundry facilities, not rooms, are in the suite)and (b)
In some of the less expensive facilities, this means that there is only one "suite" hand basin.
But even evidence of modern fashion
Ness has nothing to do with the arrogant conference organizers of the new workers' party.
What bothers them is not the lack of hotels.
Blackpool is packed with hotels.
It is said that there are more holiday beds than in Portugal.
Hotels are everywhere.
They seem to have taken over the normal commercial infrastructure of a seaside town.
There are hotels instead of shops, hotels instead of private houses, hotels instead of markets, hotels instead of pubs, hotels instead (
Or disguised)restaurants.
You begin to doubt that if you venture in the church, you will find a landlady with a large chest and equally daunting attitude, standing in the arms of akimbo, ask when you will call for tea.
When you're in town, or drive up along the promenade-
St Anne market (
You can order the real carrot cake there.
Room, and a whole shop for Le Creuset ovento-tableware)
The size of the hotel is shrinking.
From the huge living hall, this is super
Modern Stakis Hotels (
Current club-
Preferred for delegates)
And the magnificent Victorian Empire State Building (
The home of the immortal 10 bar, which itself is a seat for a thousand scenes --
Conspiracy and drinks at night
You move down the building
Taste the waterfront features of scale, hotel-
Lyrics, water park, Oakwell-
Occupying the width of the three houses, you can see the disgusting Irish sea through a single window front.
Go further, you drive past the holiday camp in Blackpool Pontin, where ticky-
Tacky cottage pink, light green and light green
Cookies like toy town cemetery.
Even if a soft Southern git like me has made the necessary psychological adjustments to the quality of life of the Blackpool hotel, it is impossible to imagine anyone wanting to stay here for five minutes. (
I was told: "Of course, it's been restarted now, as a training camp for young criminals . ".
"Do you know?
They don't have to change one thing to punish rather than entertain. . . ")
Deep into the town, you will find some smaller hotels whose names do not particularly resonate with luxurious comforts: The Roslyn hotel, the tobermurray hotel, and the Oakley hotel.
Through the window you can see people sitting down for dinner at 5.
Find fun on the street before 30 in the evening.
To get to the secret center of the town-indoors, you have to walk through the shocking back street, mainly to avoid eye contact with crazy people --looking out-of-
Standing on the corner of the confused towners, it seems uncertain whether it was through or stunned by the cuteness of all this.
At Kirby Road, the hotel has been reduced to thin terraces --
Coral Sands, Dalton, Tremar-
When the font falls off the faded "license" logo, there is still a confusing "suite ".
On the way from Munch Box Cafe, there is a awning-
In this market, you can buy some small plastic eggs that are transparent, and you can buy undecorated shorts for just one pound.
There is a picture of what they look like.
People who prefer adventure can goLace Sex Suit (
It's also a pound and makes you wonder if it's really the best quality lace, say Bruges lace, or lace that's actually just made of black ropes).
The smell of sex hangs joyfully across the street, pungent like Bilton.
Impetuous lovers can take advantage of one of the few true selves-Springbock Hotel
The shop I have seen is announced to knock on the door: it advertises "One-
Pajamas for adults only
Only a "couple" is above the hieroglyphs of a man and girl running by hand. The flat fee (for -what -an hour's stay? )is pounds 10.
Sex is by no means the only thing that can be provided.
The hotel has "all-
In the middle, they suggest, you might want to stop and "try our famous three o'clock A. M. Curry ".
It's no wonder that all the taxis in Blackpool have a special notice: "Get the car dirty by food, drink or illness.
The cleaning fee of 1 pounds 20 will be paid to the driver.
"Blackpool may have attracted generations of workers because, according to William Blake, this path of excess leads to the palace of wisdom.
Some people look forward to the good days of the past, and the situation is even worse.
A member of parliament told me: "I remember a place called Park House Hotel, which is a legend and terrible.
I have never been there but friends will tell me how to get to their room and they have to climb over the drunk staff when they can't find the way to the room, they just broke down in the hallway. ".
Now, the locals complain about the low level of the place.
Complaints of frustration.
"Not long ago, I took a young man from Bosnia to bypass the South Pier area," said a lady at the station . ".
"When I went to the former Yugoslavia to visit the sister of the Red Cross, I met him.
Really, I felt sorry when we were walking around town. I mean. . .
To someone who lives in a war zone. . .
"This is because no one has spent any money in this place for years," said a friend who lives in the town of fleewood.
"All available cash is used to support maritime defense ".
Locals must be dissatisfied with the treatment given by travel writers over the years.
America's best
Seller Bill Bryson
Visited in 1994 and wrote his findings in notes on an island.
Although he has lived in North Yorkshire for 17 years, he is not interested in Blackpool.
He congratulated it on its 250million-a-
He said, "when you consider Blackpool ugly, dirty and far away from office, its sea is an open toilet, it's a big achievement, and its attractions are almost all cheap, provincial and terrible ".
He was disappointed by the light.
Miles small and bright
Bright faces and cartoon characters hung on the lights
Posts, some are sponsored by McDonald's, some are the faces of Coronation Street, some are apparently taken from the grain packaging --
He called it "cheesy and inadequate, just like Blackpool itself ".
In 1995, a sneer Londoner, Charles Jennings, and Tony Blair, went to the same Oxford college where he sneered at the place in his book The North: It
"Blackpool is my first place to go, where people have oral diseases . ")
Its habit is to brag about every fancy bar and fish chip shop, and every humble hotel and leisureplex is "world famous.
He also noted the appearance of two gypsy petrungros, both allegedly original and real astrological men operating at both ends of the city.
Now Mr Jennings may not be surprised that there are five of them.
As you cross the Golden Mile into the roaring Penny Arcade, the undivided sweets and gifts emporia, the three big docks, the jingle, the huge, hard-to-feel of the extra tram, this ever-expanding neon dump will once again be the fashion spot for anyone, except for the European documentary
The manufacturer is confused about grot.
Blackpool's heyday was the second half of the 19 th century, when they built three docks and towers, when the sea was less polluted and the beach became a playground for the newly industrialized labor force in Lancashire.
Today, in the seven days here, in the pong of marshmallow, vinegar and cheap sex, you will be the same as the sunny week in the Greek islands, the city hotel operators and the interesting impresarios must add a drop-
Where and how they can do business: DSS pays for staying in a hotel for unemployed and homeless people; the local free-
There's a Blackpool visitor list-
Less page guide"Abled Guest".
It has become a short-lived
Accommodation destinations on Fridayto-
On Monday, the 50-pound people suddenly broke out with stupid behavior, and they seriously shortened the idea of a good time.
You can find some valuable Blackpool through diligent hunting
There is a beautiful and friendly bar called Washington on Topping Street. the beer shop on Queen's Square in September has a menu full of marinated trout and Buffalo casserole, derek Draper can't even turn his nose, and the big nationals on the South Pier Pleasure Beach are undoubtedly the most terrible train journey in the history of the universe.
But the position of the town as a holiday paradise for workers seems to be increasingly unrelated to the new workers' party's disguise.
Like squatting in the sea a mile from the promenade, it seems that it will never be near, and the Labor Party will pay close attention to Blackpool as it symbolizes the identity of the middle of the proletariat --
But if you don't want to roll to its streets, and you don't want to roll to its debris,
Fest hangs the doorway again.
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