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Blog: Zanna Roberts Rassi Grades the Top Looks! - plastic panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-06
Blog: Zanna Roberts Rassi Grades the Top Looks!  -  plastic panels
Editor's note: senior fashion editor for Mary Claire magazine!
Torzanna Roberts Rassiis, a news fashion writer, specializes in blogging on E!
The season of the all-star runway was told online, giving her reaction, and overflowing in the back --the-scenes secrets.
As a mentor, I only saw the process and didn't see the finished product until they waltz on the runway.
My response so far has been complex and happy to be surprised, shocked, and sometimes even completely disappointed.
I left the studio this week and was a little disappointed with the Pioneers
Avant-garde factors from designers.
Then the runway.
It's time to share my thoughts on the five most notable finished looks created in 10 hours. AVANT-
GARDE = experiment, innovation, breaking boundaries, applying new technologies.
Mychael knight: As you can see from my studio reaction, I have no impression of his first attempt-pioneer-Avant-garde Firefly!
It's big and poorly made and more authentic than Kate Middleton in dressing (love her but real ).
So imagine my surprise when I walked out of a complex Celine-
Esque wool dress with deformed inspired cloak!
I almost spit out dinner.
This is the perfect combination of fashion and customization.
Enough experiments and the silhouette that I have never seen him create on PRW.
Turn it around Mychael and do a good job. JEFFERY: Dude.
Do you know this episode is on Halloween? Wow.
I hope I didn't get J to talk about his conversation at the coaching session and yell at me.
I was blinded by the chat, confused by the fun textile (foam) choice, and I absolutely didn't know the mask of the criminal.
This is an amateur avant-garde.
I look forward to getting more from someone.
I think the judges are very friendly.
Perhaps as Anya said, for he is so resolute in rebuttal.
CHRISTOPHER: as soon as designers hear that they are "safe" and will not be criticized, they run off the runway (some are Seth Aaron ).
But sometimes I want all appearances to be criticized by the judges.
Christopher's appearance this week is a good example. It is GREAT.
From a structural point of view, the 3D painting torso, the oversized hips, the choice of pure high collar shirts, plastic plates, leather and satin fabrics . . . . . . In the way of Peter Piloto.
This is also a hot topic from an editorial perspective.
Christopher, pay tribute to you.
In the tutorial, VIKTOR told me about the romantic butterfly he wanted to guide . . . . . . . I saw a sci-
He also warned him not to make "super butterflies ".
He completely ignored me, but hey, who cares, it looks great!
You may have missed some expert details in design and construction . . . . . . Perfectly weld/crush side panels, floating power shoulders, seamless cloak.
Girl, you made a great big dress! ! !
This is your business. This Avant-
Garde number is notable for all the correct reasons.
Not your regular puff dress.
Unusual fabrics such as horse hair, tulle, leather are mixed together.
Interestingly, Black did a good job.
A lot of things have happened, but somehow all the work is in harmony.
The bar may think about it and feel like a free edge face ring.
Plenty of lashes, leather wristbands and pillar headwear! And PS -
I'm glad you listened to me on the yellow stripe of bum Hing Hornets.
KORTO: The Last suit! !
And a delicate suit.
The foundation is brilliant. The helter-
The skelter leather detail on the leg is enough to get it into the avant-garde world and looks great.
The heavy wool making and thumb cut detail of this jacket was what I was looking forward to seeing on the Thierry Mugler runway.
This is a performance for Madonna.
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