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Blue skies on tap, whenever you need them - clear plastic panels

by:Cailong     2019-08-03
Blue skies on tap, whenever you need them  -  clear plastic panels
Paul marksfling pulls the curtains open and finds the sun flooding, which is usually enough to give you a spring in your footsteps.
Soon, you can catch some sunshine even if it rains heavily, thanks to a lighting panel that uses nanoparticles to rebuild things that are close to natural light.
Even the wet, windowless interior of the mall and Metro station can be welcomed by the blue sky.
Even the inside of the mall without windows may soon be welcome. This was developed by Paul Di Trapani of the University of Como-Subia, Italy, and his colleagues using white LEDs as light sources.
LEDs glow through a clear plastic panel with nanoparticles embedded on it, which scatter light in the same way that the Earth's atmosphere is scattering sunlight.
Different panels can simulate a variety of outdoor light conditions-from sunny days to beautiful sunsets, and even the sky of meditation in the storm.
Di Trapani said the idea was to help "more and more people spend more and more time without natural lighting ".
By filling transparent polymers with titanium dioxide nanoparticles, the team managed to simulate the physical process of ray scattering, which is the process of scattering solar radiation by air molecules.
Two different sizes of nanoparticles gather in different parts of the plastic, dividing the white light into the dominant diffuse "sky light" and a warm highlight of the blue wavelength, the yellow light is like direct sunlight.
Prototype panel, 1.
Last month, at a lighting exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, it was 8 metres long and 85 centimeters wide.
The team plans to go through Insubria spin-
Called CoeLux.
"We hope this will change the rules of the game, whether it's in a road tunnel, a mall, a hotel or a hospital," Di Trapani said . ".
The rise of cheap and efficient LEDs has also prompted others to explore new ambient lighting.
Last month, Philips, the Netherlands, launched a luminous textile OneSpace-
Based on the LED panel, the entire ceiling or wall can be covered with soft and uniform white light.
"Because the panel does not have an obvious central light source, it feels like you are outdoors and illuminated by the Sky," said Antoon Martens of the Philips project . ".
"Just like you are outside, it feels quiet, clean and cool.
Quiet, clean, cool, just like you are outside. "This article is published in the title" I get the sun on a cloudy day . . . . . . "On the print under
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