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bmc to come out with policy for covering nullahs - joining polycarbonate sheets

by:Cailong     2019-08-12
bmc to come out with policy for covering nullahs  -  joining polycarbonate sheets
On Tuesday, the standing committee of citizens opposed a proposal to cover five cities for lack of policy.
The government must now develop a policy before the proposal is submitted to the committee again.
Municipal Corporation of Mumbai (BMC)
To prevent people from throwing rubbish into it, I tried out two of the city Neola using polycarbonate sheets.
The garbage will be stuck in the gate of the pumping station to prevent the water from being pumped into the room.
BMC has also taken measures such as the presence of cleaning facilities
Assemble bailiffs near major Nura and post signs that ban people from throwing garbage.
At a meeting of the Standing Committee on Tuesday, a proposal was made concerning the three zero pulls of dahsar and the two zero pulls of Borivali. The ₹85-
The Lakh proposal studied covering these zeros using polyester plates.
BJP leader Manoj Kotak asked if the proposal was again a trial or if there was a policy.
"We have asked many times in the past to cover all zeros.
In this case, we are told that there is no such policy . . . . . . So, is this done to benefit the contractor? ” Mr. Kotak asked.
Companies from all parties joined him and opposed the proposal.
Another municipal commissioner. A.
Kundan subsequently withdrew the proposal and assured the commission that BMC would introduce policies in this regard.
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