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bmw hybrid supercar signposts the future - polycarbonate glass

by:Cailong     2019-08-13
bmw hybrid supercar signposts the future  -  polycarbonate glass
A racecar-
Two electric motors and one diesel oil are used as foaming performance. Now, a plug-in BMW.
The company chose to introduce the technology in a city that is not boring.
Car concept, but wild 2-
Dynamic seat visual efficiency (VED)super-coupe.
It is a signpost for BMW's future sustainable mobile strategy, far from being a prototype for mass production vehicles.
It is said that there are M-performing vehicles-
Car performance and fuel consumption are as good as small hybrids.
BMW offers an acceleration time of 4 from 0 to 100 km/h.
For 8 seconds, the maximum speed is 250 km/h.
It is said that carbon dioxide emissions are 99g/km, or 50g/km, in the EU power hybrid cycle.
BMW is not alone in seeking hybrid supercars.
Among other things, rivals Audi and Mercedes are developing cars that meet the needs of the same segment.
Ground-breaking VED with aluminum space frame chassis and variable
Transparent polyester glass panel.
This is the inspiration for Formula One racing.
It follows the early moderationhybrid diesel-
The electric X5 visual concept presented in Geneva last year is said to incorporate the "design language" for BMW's rumored Z10 ED electric supercar, which could appear in about five years.
The car is driven mainly by two electric motors that use lithium
Includes 98 polymer battery packs with plugs
Charging is now favored by many manufacturers.
Its battery pack can also be charged through regular batteriesrail direct-injection 1. 5-litre three-
The cylinder turbo diesel in front of the rear bridge.
It is widely believed that BMW is preparing this type of engine for future 1-1 Universal production
Series due in two years and 3-Series.
It is said that Vision's diesel can produce a power of 120 KW and a torque of 290Nm, which is a three-cylinder motor. A rear-
The installed motor can provide a constant 25 KW and a maximum of 38 KW to provide an auxiliary or fully electric drive.
The output of the front synchronous motor is 60 KW, the peak torque is 220Nm, the additional 84 KW can be used for 30 seconds, and 104 KW can be used for 10 seconds.
Electricity is through two. stage, single-speed reduced-
A ratio gearbox that allows the car to operate only on electricity, diesel or an unlimited combination of both.
And a heat-
The ability to develop generators of up to 200 W by converting heat from exhaust emissions into electricity.
With regenerative braking and idle speed-
Stop function, electric vision-
The mileage is only 50 km kilometers, and the accumulated mileage is 700 km kilometers.
At the same time, more than 25 models in the BMW lineup are being replaced by more fuel
Efficient alternatives using all aspects of enterprise efficiency dynamic technology.
New Zealand will become one of the first countries outside Europe to introduce fuel savings.
They are expected to be seen around November.
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