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bold new e-readers grab attention at ces - flexible plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-09
bold new e-readers grab attention at ces  -  flexible plastic sheet
Las Vegas, Nevada (CNN)--
The first generation of e-readers is only black. and-white text.
Black of the second generationand-
Simple graphics and network connections.
Third-generation products were presented at the International Consumer Electronics Show this week, and manufacturers are previewing Electronics
Readers with color screens, interactive graphics and magazines-style layouts.
You won't be able to get them for at least a month or two.
But these upcoming devices-
Some of them are still prototypes. -
It could raise interest in what has become a popular consumer electronics category, while giving hope to newspapers, magazines and other struggling print publishers.
"We are not designed to save the newspaper industry.
But I think that might eventually happen, "said Kiliaen Van rensselayer, Skiff's chief marketing officer, who released the elegant Skiff reader this week.
"We are trying to show that consumers are willing to pay for beautifully rendered content. . .
This provides convenience.
"Since Amazon launched its Kindle in 2007, the cult of book lovers has grown, and competitive products such as Sony Reader and Barnes & Noble's Nook have also been welcomed by it. Sales of e-
Last year, readers doubled, and the Consumer Electronics Association predicted that they would double again in 2010.
How will you read your portable content in a year?
Here are four more interesting emails
Readers announced at CES this week that the Plastic Logic QueThe Que, launched on Thursday, is a slim lightweight device for business professionals.
The Que has a touch screen against broken plastic, which makes it lighter in size and thickness (
It just weighs more than a pound)than glass e-readers.
Users can download books through the Que store, or buy content from dozens of partners such as USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Atlantic ---
Although images that initially appear in color will be displayed in black and white on Que.
Apps for Windows and BlackBerry will allow customers to send emails
Emails or attachments read on the go.
"We are not trying to create a paperless office, but we do envision a paperless briefcase," said Anusha Nirmalananthan, product manager . ".
The Plastic Logic says the 4 gb model will have Wi-
Fi features and stores up to 35,000 documents while the 8 gb version will have Wi-
Fi and 3g for up to 75,000 documents.
The equipment will be available for sale on April.
The price is $799 and $649.
The size and weight of the Skiff Reader are similar to that of the Que, with 11. 5-inch-
Diagonal screen, only about a quarter in thicknessinch.
It's considered the first electron. reader whose e-
The paper display is based on thin and flexible stainless steel foil covered on thin plastic, which means it should not break if you put it down.
"The thinnest [e-reader].
It has the largest display screen in all electronics
Readers we know.
This is the most durable we know, "said Van rensler.
The Skiff Reader will run on a 3g network in the US. S. by Sprint.
The device will also support Wi-Fi connection.
Articles in newspapers and magazines will be adapted to appear on skiers as they are printed, and high
Complete resolution photos, graphics, and other design elements.
Skiff is in talks withyet-
Unnamed partners will provide content for the device. Like many e-
Skiff is also developing a model with a color screen, despite the technology of producing high-quality color Electronicspaper --
Contrary to the glass LCD screen, the glass LCD screen will cause damage to the eyes after a long time-is a ways off.
Skiers will be available later this year. -
Skiff won't say when. -
Sprint retail stores across the United StatesS.
On the website of the wireless operator
Pricing and additional distribution channels will be announced later.
EDGeNo entourage, those are not typos--
This is Virginia-
The head office entourage spelled the name of their company and the name of the first email
Readers who will be listed on February.
What separates the edge is its split personality: Flip
It's like an electronic device.
Readers on the left and netbooks on the right.
The entourage called it "the first duel book in the world ".
This is not two devices.
This is a device with two screens, "said marketing assistant Anne cottweiz, who showed the gadget to passers-
In front of the accompanying booth on Thursday.
The two screens are synchronized, which means that if you want to look up an unfamiliar word on your email
Reader, you can highlight it and it will appear in the Google search field on the netbook LCD screen.
Netbooks run on Google's Android operating system.
Combination of Wi-Fi-
A range of services are available for supported devices: digital reading, Internet access, video viewing, and e-commerce
Mail due to virtual keyboard.
The entourage is selling the edge to students as an educational tool and will start the device with an electronic device
Book stores offering textbooks, trade books and free public domain books. The dual-
To help students record class lectures, the natural gadget will also contain a microphone and a camera.
The EDGe weighs about 3 pounds and has five colors for $490.
The most revolutionary electronic product.
The reader experience released at CES this week may not be part of the hardware.
A new software application called Blio, built in the Futurist section-
Microsoft's inventor, Ray Kurzweil, turned almost all laptops, netbooks or smartphones into images --
Rich e-reader.
Blio uses the publisher's original PDF file to save the format of the books and magazines, including their layout, typography, color and graphics.
It also supports interactive multimedia including video and web links. A read-
The aloud reading function allows computer voice to say words when they are highlighted on the page, which is a potentially useful tool for young readers or visionimpaired.
Another Blio feature will allow the user to translate English in an embedded window.
Blio will be downloaded free of charge at the end of February.
By partnering with book dealer Baker & Taylor, the software will be launched with an online store with more than 1.
2 million titles-from best-
Sellers of travel guides.
"We are reaching an agreement with each publisher," said Linda Cannon, senior vice president of Baker and Taylor . ".
"We haven't talked to any publishing, they haven't talked --the-
Very excited about this tool.
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