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book review / from our friends in the past - characteristics of polyester

by:Cailong     2019-08-15
book review / from our friends in the past  -  characteristics of polyester
Selected articles reprinted from length
The rock chronicle that did not exist in the 1970 s
Especially a man who imitates the Yearbook of the wysden cricketer.
It doesn't sound like the most important purchase.
But this modest compilation of contemporary reviews reveals the music of the polyester decade better than the bonfire of the nostalgic book.
Even in the past 20 years, the problem of currency depreciation
The rudeness of Prince Buster's lyrics;
Whether Lindisfarne can succeed in creating "British music without being isolated or nostalgic --
The echo moves forward to today and beyond.
If the occasional sociological table looks dusty, it's not just the pleasure of traveling in time without anyone having the opportunity to sort it out.
Greil Marcus's goal is to get out of the dustbin of history: people used to say a lot about what might happen to what might still happen.
Read the formation of the youth constituency of David Cassidy, the evolution of the Northern soul dance underground, and the unique features of the medieval Sabbath audienceSeventies (
"They have no horns ")
Tell us that there is no other way to know about taking the acid house and Nirvana (
Although not necessarily in this order).
In order to add an extra dimension to this top time warp action, the original authors have been recalled and they are invited not to Zhuge Liang's x-ray specs.
The resulting postscript is different from the self of apology. criticism (
Simon Frith admits that his "love for music seems strange ")to full-
Social history of scale.
The extraordinary writing end of pop quiz questions before the beat --
Pete Fowler.
Fowler's great original article, the rules of the skin, points out that there was a skinhead of the robbery gang at the Rolling Stone Hyde Park concert, which he said (
In a rare awkward moment)
"The disunity of the world community represented by British rock ".
25 years later, he eloquently reasoned that from this bleak moment, to crushing the crystal bottle of certainty of left-wing knowledge with the terrible lumps of Thatcher --hammer.
Fowler wants to know, "What the hell will I do in 1969," "a row of conservative politicians sitting under banners declaring" power to the people ", and chorus "Imagine no position" under the leadership of the black lead singer of hot chocolate "?
"The highlights of this book convey the same excitement as the best historical moments of our friends in the North: With the passage of time and the stinging haste of liquid reality, the myth of glass.
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