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boost your camera’s potential - polycarbonate material

by:Cailong     2019-07-21
boost your camera’s potential  -  polycarbonate material
Each smartphone has a built-in camera, making it easier to click on a picture.
We rarely encounter situations where we need to take pictures and we are not ready to click.
All we have to do is take out the phone and take some very good photos.
Wouldn't it be cool if you could improve the camera's potential in your phone with a gadget?
The US-based company Izzi Gadgets has launched a mobile phone case that will help boost the potential of cameras in the iPhone.
It is called the younger brother of the track profession, and it is called "slim ".
Like a brother, Slim has a variety of camera lenses that can be swapped and comes with protective covers.
However, it is lighter and better technology than track Pro.
If you like to click on the picture every day, the slim figure is tailored for you.
Whether you're clicking under light or recording a video of a beautiful location, Slim helps you capture like a professional.
While Slim is more affordable compared to Orbit Pro, it doesn't make the former an affordable version of the latter.
There are many improvements to this slim dress.
Unlike Orbit Pro, which has only three lenses, Slim is equipped with four pro-level lenses.
Made of polycarbonate material, it is lighter and easier to carry than Orbit Pro made of aluminum.
It features a durable polycarbonate material that fits the iPhone 5 or 5S like a glove and provides solid protection in white or black.
According to the creator, these boxes are very easy to open and remove.
In addition, they do not prevent you from accessing the phone, the local camera, the headphone and charger jack, and the buttons of the speakers.
Their patented peripheral motion locking technology makes it easy to access 4 pro-level lenses in a stylish all-in-one unit.
You don't have to worry about the lens.
You don't need to unscrew the lens and then screw another lens.
Just rotate the lens selector with your finger and then select the lens you want to use.
You can also access the built-in snapper.
Four lens 67x wide angle lens: this lens is suitable for a wide range, making sure no one is cut from the photo.
180 degree fisheye lens: This lens can be used to click on the panoramic picture, the overhead lens and the wide set lens.
Macro lens: With this lens, you can do a very clear close-up.
You can really get close to the theme and capture the most subtle details.
2X telephoto lens: you can use this lens to take long-distance photos.
For your comfort, the lens is equipped with a microfiber cleaning cloth.
If it fascinates you, buy Izzi Slim at Nagubandi.
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