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Borussia Dortmund wins sponsor Evonik as investor - clear acrylic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-07
Borussia Dortmund wins sponsor Evonik as investor  -  clear acrylic sheet
Dortmund, the only German football club listed, plans to take advantage of the player's transfer market to strengthen its equity base and open a representative office in Asia.
Dortmund, also known as BVB, extended the main sponsor deal with winning to 2024/2025 season.
The current contract is due in 2016.
Dortmund general manager Hans-"the new sponsorship agreement and Evonik's stake in BVB means we will always be able to train top players in Germany and abroad
Joachim Watzke said in a statement.
Deutsche Bank, Germany's largest Bank, said earlier this month that it had considered taking a stake in the club but decided not to take a stake.
Evonik is a high-end manufacturer
Tech plastics, feed additives and clear acrylic boards began sponsoring football clubs in 2006 to raise awareness among the public about the Evonik brand, which was launched in 2007.
Its previous business was called Degussa and RAG.
Evonik will issue new shares on the 4 th.
Dortmund said that 37 euros per piece was 5% lower than the average closing price of the past five trading days.
Shares traded
4 points low 6%
Gmt is 1105 euros (12. 05 p. m. BST).
The club from Germany's Ruhr Valley region is considered to be the only club that can pose a threat to Bayern Munich's dominant position in German professional football.
Dortmund, the 2011 Bundesliga 2012 champion, this season in Germany's top league after Bayern Munich, also lost to Bayern in the Cup final.
In the process of seeking more corporate support, Dortmund got a page from the script of his opponent Bayern Munich.
On February, the insurance company Anlian insurance company took 8.
Buying a 33% stake in Bayern Munich for 0. 11 billion euros, a deal with sports apparel maker Adidas and auto maker Audi gave an implied valuation of 1 to unlisted Bayern Munich.
32 billion euros is more than four times the current market value of 0. 278 billion euros in Dortmund, or nearly 0. 3 billion when considering winning capital injection.
Dortmund said new investors could fund more projects.
"The executive board will continue to engage in exploratory discussions with companies interested in strategic partnerships," the club said . ".
(Ludwig Hamburg report;
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