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Bottle-fed infants have highest levels of Bisphenol A - polycarbonate

by:Cailong     2019-08-01
Bottle-fed infants have highest levels of Bisphenol A  -  polycarbonate
BPA is considered to affect the development of humans and is classified as endocrine disrupting chemicals that may endanger developing infants and fetus if exposed by pregnant women.
According to A study, infants fed with plastic bottles were found to have the highest level of diphenol A (BPA) estimation, and exposure levels decreased as they grew older.
These findings are important because BPA is thought to affect human development and is classified as endocrine disrupting chemicals, which can put developing infants at risk and also if pregnant women are exposed
The Swiss study investigated 17 different potential exposure sources for 9 age/gender groups in the German/Swiss/Austrian population and found that the most likely exposure group was the bottle-
Feeding babies from 06 months old
The average dose rate of the group is estimated to be nearly 0.
8 micrograms per kilogram per day, far below TDI.
However, "it's low with the recent reports-
"Health effects on rodents," according to the authors . ".
Author Dr. Natalie Von Goetz wrote: "In general, humans (fetus, baby, child) who are in developmental stages seem to be exposed more seriously than adults, "senior scientist at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich.
This study uses a study of how polycarbonate bottles and containers filter more chemicals with more heat, from these and other studies, it was determined that although some were found in ambient air for all consumer groups, drinking water in pipes sealed with epoxy resin, as well as dental surgical results from other sources.
The highest dose for adults comes from canned food.
The researchers also concluded that additional research was needed on the production process of canned soup and canned meat.
The study was published in the latest issue.
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