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bottles up! ontario introduces deposit to liquor, wine containers - pet plastic

by:Cailong     2019-07-27
bottles up! ontario introduces deposit to liquor, wine containers  -  pet plastic
Consumers in Ontario will have to start rolling out the deposit system in about two months, paying an extra 10 to 20 cents per case of wine.
In the new project, Ontario has joined seven other provinces with similar container return systems.
Most provinces charge between 10 and 20 cents;
Saskatchewan charges10 to 40 cents.
Québec and Manitoba do not offer a refund of the deposit for the refund of alcohol and wine bottles. Starting Feb.
5. the Liquor Control Board of Ontario stores will begin to increase by 20-
More than 630 ml price deposit for wine or white bottle and Tetra Paks, 10-
Deposit for small bottles.
Buyers can then return, not at LCBO, but at a beer store, an Ontario chain that only sells beer.
On September, Prime Minister Dalton McGinty announced the plan, but the government announced the pricing and cost details of the plan on Thursday.
A spokesman for the ministry told the CBC that in the first few years of the project, the government's goal was to achieve a rate of return of 85.
The return rate of this brewery is 96.
Glass container, Leile bag, bag-in-a-
One liter or less of glass containers, leule bags, boxes and PET plastic bottles smaller than or equal to 630 in bagsin-a-
PET plastic bottles have more than 630 cans and more than 1. The government believes that new projects may result in an increase of 30 to 40 percentage points in the recovery rate.
There are five in this province.
Sign an annual contract with the beer store to collect returned bottles.
The deal is expected to cost the government about $15 million in the first year, as it could handle about 0. 15 billion bottles in 441 stores across the province.
Because the government says the beer shop has run a bottle of high-efficiency beer.
Return Plan for beer bottles.
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