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braid: a once-great dynasty shreds itself - clear plastic sheets

by:Cailong     2019-07-21
braid: a once-great dynasty shreds itself  -  clear plastic sheets
What a disgraceful exit.
Such a shabby piece of obscurity.
After nearly 44 years in power, Progressive Conservatives remained silent and pou-mouth, leaving the last image. Shredding.
Transparent plastic bags bloomed in the corridors of the legislature with notes, the unreadable pieces that were frantically cleaned up the first three days after the May 5 election failed.
It only started hours after the results were announced.
Before dealing with the lost staff, crushing was the first job to help the new government transition and even turn off the coffee machine.
All the nervous jokes about crushing trucks and Vatican chimneys suddenly seem too close to the truth and interesting.
What's even more ominous is what we can't see.
In at least one government department, the Environmental and Sustainable Resource Development Department, there are clearly credible allegations of crushing and record destruction.
This will happen far away from the legislature, away from journalists and their cell phone cameras.
If it continues in one department, more departments may be involved.
Departmental documents are not "temporary" ministerial documents that may be destroyed in the following cases
The loose rules that computers create for themselves.
The departmental materials relate to practical actions and policies.
These documents are proof of what the government has done or has not done, but may not want you to be aware of the new NDP government.
This suspicion is now well beyond the scope of the shredder and complaint at the Alberta Party MLA Greg Clark --elect.
Two officials from the legislature
Commissioner of information and public interest
They have reports from informants inside the government.
They feel that these are detailed and credible enough to be worthy of the first pair
Commission inquiry in memory
Environment Minister Kyle Fawcett, who was asked about the allegations at a party fundraiser Thursday night, said he did not see any evidence.
"My understanding is that the department has followed all the appropriate procedures," he said . ".
"I have not received a visit from the commissioner for information and have not been asked any questions.
Of course, I will be with you.
Operate exactly as per any program.
However, Fawcett admitted that he could not say with certainty that no documents had been improperly destroyed.
"This is a big department with thousands of employees and we can't look after every shredder," he said . ".
Asked about the photos of Albertans seeing scraps leaving the office, acting PC leader Ric McIver said they "deserve comfort because there is an investigation.
"This is not the premier-
The job of specifying Rachel nortley is to stop all the shredding.
On Wednesday, without the public address of Prime Minister Jim Prentice, she did so, and he is still responsible for every action of the caretaker government. (
Wilderos leader Brian Jean criticized nortelly for not acting quickly enough, the only case I remember of a political leader being attacked for the actions of other governments. )
Prentice has not said a word publicly since the night of the great election, except "this is a good day.
He did speak at the fundraiser on Thursday night, but did not mention the allegations and did not talk to reporters afterwards.
With the investigation going on, we have the right to doubt what is going on.
Does this have to do with loose oil sands monitoring being higher than reported emissions where the climate is stuck forever?
We just don't know any further evidence of a policy change.
If certain Ministry of Environment documents and emails, we may never
Records no longer exist.
Nortelly said that Prentice was very helpful for the transition.
It must be true. But decision-
The kind of thing needed here disappeared with the top people.
Prentice's chief of staff, Mike Percy, left his office a week ago, apparently the last time.
It is said that this was arranged in advance.
He won't be the chief of staff again, no matter win or lose.
Percy sent an email to the staff asking for compliance with all procedures regarding documents.
Like many others in this failed operation, he is a respectable person.
But when he left, there was little sense of direction at the political level.
When Prentice took office last fall, he promised accountability, transparency and integrity --
All these modern buzzwords may mean everything, or nothing.
In the end, they don't seem to make much sense.
But the party continues to do what it has been doing well: the money thing, dinner for $500 --a-
Plate donors, of course, are happy to get another one before NDP and Wildrose join together to ban all companies and unions from donating.
PCs were often brilliant in the early days, and in many later very capable.
For more than 50 years, the term progressive conservatives began to define the province itself.
The party pulled Alberta out of obscurity, leaving it far beyond Canada's reach.
Earlier glory made the ending even more tragic.
Thousands of loyal PC people and volunteers, some of whom have been involved for the rest of their lives, have a full right to feel frustrated.
Don Brett's column often appears in the coat of arms.
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