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brawn is beautiful: bayer materialscience polycarbonate glazing - a light weight, secure and aesthetically pleasing solution for architectural applications. - uv polycarbonate sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-22
brawn is beautiful: bayer materialscience polycarbonate glazing - a light weight, secure and aesthetically pleasing solution for architectural applications.  -  uv polycarbonate sheet
Pittsburgh, August 29, 2013-(PR. com)--
Construction owners and building material specifiers are looking for a material that will not only provide the lighting the building owners want, but also provide the safety protection they need.
They are increasingly using polycarbonate glass as their preferred material.
The polycarbon materials of Bayer Materials Science Co. , Ltd. provide excellent glass
Like a property
The grade offers a translucent color option with a light transfer rate of up to 90%.
It is also a tough and durable choice grade to provide blast-and ballistic-
From multi-wall construction to overall and laminated solids, the combination of polycarbonate glass solutions offered by Bayer for the construction market proves that brawn is beautiful.
Ken Schwartz of construction, marketing manager at Bayer Materials Science, and Karl Wiecking, emerging markets manager, discussed in their speech "polycarbonate sheet products for safety and safety glass" in the recent United States association of Building Manufacturers (AAMA)
2013 autumn meeting in southeast China.
"The polycarbonate sheet has several advantages over glass, including excellent toughness, lighter weight and the ability to design shapes with glass.
"Most of the presenters are not aware that Glass can often be replaced directly when safety and safety are critical," Schwartz said . ".
In addition, excellent chemical and UV light can be provided (UV)
Resistance and resistance in March are 10 times higher than undeposited polycarbonate sheets.
Product warranty is provided.
Applications that open windows, such as canopies, roofs, building facades, interior glazing, windows, oblique glazing and skylights, all benefit from the superior performance combination of polycarbonate.
In schools, commercial facilities, residential and government buildings where safety and security are a priority, polycarbonate sheets are also a proven and trusted material.
"New and emerging requirements for protective glazing include construction, safe use --
Grade integral and laminated polyester sheet for anti-stick
Vandalism, ballistic protection, coercion
Resistance to entry and explosion-
"Reduce the danger," Wiecking said . ".
"Compared with highly competitive glass alternatives in the market, the uniqueness of polycarbon resin makes it an ideal choice for explosion
Door-resistant lites and window applications for enhanced building enclosure protection.
"In building applications, when subjected to a range of shock conditions, the excellent performance and toughness of solid polycarbonate plates enable a specific grade to reach the ul972 grade of burglary --
Other Bayer carbon products have been certified in the United States. S.
The State Department's Diplomatic Security Agency is responsible for providing a safe and reliable environment for the United States. S.
Government facilities.
About Bayer Materials Science Co. , Ltd. : Bayer Materials Science Co. , Ltd. is Gao-
High-performance plastics in North America, part of the global Bayer Materials science business, has about 14,500 employees in 30 production bases around the world, with 2012 of sales of 11. 5 billion euros.
The company produces high
High-tech polymer materials and develop innovative solutions for products in many areas of daily life.
The main areas of service include the automotive, electrical and electronics, construction, medical, sports and leisure industries.
Sustainability is at the heart of Bayer Materials Science LLC's business, based on key areas such as innovation, product management, social responsibility and respect for the environment.
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