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brazilian plastic surgeon 'dr bumbum' arrested over death of patient - acrylic glass

by:Cailong     2019-08-12
brazilian plastic surgeon \'dr bumbum\' arrested over death of patient  -  acrylic glass
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The enhanced surgeon, known as drbumbum, was arrested on Thursday after a patient died in a botched operation four days after running.
Police said on Twitter that doctors operating in their apartment were arrested in Rio.
According to police, Denis Furtado, who claims to be social media in DrBumbumon, was arrested in an office building, thanks to reports from an anonymous caller.
His mother was also arrested, and she was accused of being an associate.
Furtado is believed to be able to perform magic on women's bodies, especially on their buttocks, and is known throughout the country for its expertise. The 45-year-
Old's Instagram account reflects how popular he is among 650,000 fans.
But since Sunday, he has been running for the death of a bank employee named Lillian quizia kalicxto, he died hours after undergoing hip expansion surgery at the Furtado home near Rio's upscale Barra de Tijuca.
Calixto ran 1,250 miles from home to see the surgeon.
She underwent surgery on Saturday and soon after that she began to feel uncomfortable.
When she arrived at the hospital on Sunday, she was suffering from a heartbeat --
She died after four heart attacks.
Shortly after, Furtado disappeared.
He is now facing charges from the homicide and crime Society.
Furtado used a controversial technique in hip improvement surgery to inject a substance called acrylic glass.
The news shook the whole industry.
Brazil has several cosmetic surgeries after the United States.
Plastic Surgery Society of Brazil (SBPC)
I quickly condemned Furtado and said, "No.
This professional expert has caused more and more deaths like this.
"You can't have plastic surgery in the apartment.
Many people sell their dreams to patients in immoral ways, fantasizing that people are attracted to low prices without considering whether the conditions are sufficient, Niveo Steffen, president of SBPC, told AFP.
Steffen said the injection of synthetic polymers or polymers like acrylic glass is very dangerous, and in Latin America, especially in Venezuela, dozens of people have been killed.
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