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brazilians strip off to expose violence against women - times of india - transparent plastic sheet

by:Cailong     2019-08-10
brazilians strip off to expose violence against women - times of india  -  transparent plastic sheet
Rio: topless, bare skin scribbled with slogans, and feminist protesters in Rio saw a colorful scene, but their concerns about terrible violence against women
Between 200 and 300 protesters from the international SlutWalk campaign yesterday blocked traffic along the Riyoko papabana Waterfront Drive in different strip states.
The rude tone is a key factor in the SlutWalk demonstrations, targeting what activists say is widespread accusations of rape by women themselves on the grounds that their actions or clothing allegedly contributed to the attack.
The main slogan is "my body, my rules ".
"I can't believe I fought for this in 2015," wrote another reader . ".
But very few placards are needed.
Crayons or lipstick are engraved on the back, belly, arms and breasts.
Some people ignore Brazilian laws that prohibit labor-free, others bypass the rules with tape on their nipples, and the rest just wear as little as possible, including one of the few men present, only one transparent plastic.
26-year-old Stephanie LAS said that despite the warm party atmosphere, samba dancing and excited whining, these women were there for grim reasons, including the world's fifth highest
"We can face violence everywhere.
At school, as a young girl, at work-
This is culture, "she said.
"Brazil is one of the worst places for women to travel alone.
I brought a special doorpost when traveling so my hotel room couldn't be opened.
"One woman is killed every two hours in Brazil, the fifth country in the world after El Salvador, Colombia, Guatemala and Russia, according to a study released earlier this month by the Brazilian Ministry of Health.
The United Nations says an average woman is attacked every 15 seconds in Sao Paulo, the largest city.
The demonstration is also the second time this week in Rio to protest the new abortion restrictions proposed by the powerful, socially conservative speaker of the house, Eduardo Cunia.
If it passes, a woman who wants an abortion because of rape-
One of the few categories currently allowed--
Evidence of the crime must first be provided. "Cunha out!
Protesters shouted slogans during demonstrations.
"Men in Brazil think we are the target," said Indara Costa, 18 . ".
"We want to be able to do what we want with our bodies without harassment.
"This is the fifth SlutWalk parade in Rio, but its impact is difficult to measure.
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